The Jumano

Abby, Abhinav, Brian, Gabrielle

Hello! Welcome to our flyer.

We are going to take you through the journey of the Jumano Native American tribe. We will be talking about appearance, shelter and location, customs/traditions/ceremonies, and food.


Jumanos were clean and handsome people. Both men and women pierced ears and noses so they could wear the coral and turquoise ornaments they obtained through trade.

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Shelter and Location

Jumanos lived rancherias and villages. Jumano houses were called pueblos, they were half above ground, and half under ground.

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Jumanos celebrate like we do, but in many different ways than us. They make music by clapping their hands and their mouth and singing.

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The Jumanos were farmers. The Jumanos hunted for deer, antelope, elk, rabbits, armadillos, beaver, porcupine, and snakes.

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