By:Michael,Ellie,and Gladys

Taoism/Daoism Religion

The Most Important Belief

The first main religion is Tao. It means the "path" or the "way". It flows through all non-living and entity-living beings. A goal is to become in tune with Tao.

Another religion is Wu Wei it means "non-action". Other virtues related to Wu Wei are natureless, naturalism, non-aggression, and passive rule or going with the flow.

The third belief is Ying Yang. It is the taoist symbol which represents opposite components. Ying is dark Yang is light.

Art and Artifact

The Uncarved Block. It is important because it represents the ultimate art form. Taoists are human loving and give into emotion, whimsy and freedom to just let go. This art is an example of a taoist letting go. Seeing the purity within the rock and that is the the story behind the uncarved block.


The music is unique and meant to invoke peace and beauty. And though it may not have any words it still tells a story.

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Daoist music " Happiness of Immortal Gods "