Lord of the Flies Project

Types of Government

Today, there are many different structures of government in the world. One of the most common of them is called a democracy. In a democracy, everyone votes on every issue. Although this represents peoples' wishes accurately, this is an inefficient system because it takes too long for everyone to vote on everything. In America, we have a republic which is similar to a democracy but instead of everyone voting on everything, people vote on representatives to represent their views in the government. A monarchy is a government ruled by a king, queen, or emperor, usually with absolute power, although in recent years we have seen monarchies that have elected officials making the decisions instead of the actual king or queen. A dictatorship is similar to a monarchy but the person in charge is in by force and claims to be the leader of a democracy. This can be very bad for the people under the rule of the dictator because they have to do anything the dictator says (Types of Government). Jack's government was a dictatorship because he is the only one with any kind of power in his society. All of the boys under him have to do what he says and he makes all decisions. The boys nearly worship him, as seen in this quote from the text Lord of the Flies: "Jack, painted and garlanded, sat there like an idol,"- 149. Ralph, however, thinks that everyone should have a voice and is strongly in support of everyone voting on things. He represents a democracy because everyone votes on everything. On page 33, Ralph says, "We can't have everybody talking at once. We'll have 'hands up' like at school. Then I'll give the conch to the next person to speak. He can hold it when he's speaking".
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Government for my Island Society

In my island society, there would be elected officials that are in charge of making large group decisions as well as decisions on specialized topics. The people with the most experience and skill will be elected to officiating positions. This would be the most effective type of government because there are probably only a few people qualified to make survival decisions. These people would be elected based on knowledge of survival techniques and skills as assessed by me or another person with experience in the field.
1) No physical fighting.
2) No stealing personal belongings.
3) No taking of resources without asking an elected officer.
4) No leaving the base camp without a partner.
5) Anything discovered that is potentially dangerous must be reported.
6) No going out of designated sleep areas unless with permission from an officer.
7) You must obey the wishes of an officer. If you feel like the officer is unfair, consult another officer.
8) No eating anything that hasn't been deemed edible and safe.
9) Respect everyone. EVERYONE.
10) No excessive whining or complaining. We are all in this together.
These rules will be enforced by making the person who disobeys the rules go forage for food or build improvements to the housing structures.

American Civil War

In 1861, Southern states succeeded from the Northern states, starting what is the bloodiest war in US history. Over 620,000 people were killed, which is almost as much as all of the US casualties from all US wars combined. This had a devastating effect on our economy because a huge part of our workforce was killed. Not only did the war kill many of our able bodied men, the war destroyed much of the infrastructure in our country too. The northern army invaded the south and burned down the city of Atlanta to stop production of Confederate(southern) weapons. This displaced all of the citizens of Atlanta. Similar events happened all over the country so this wasn't a unique event. Our government was divided in two parts because the South split off and left. The northern government kept The United States of America as its name but the south took up the name The Confederate States of America. This made uniting the country a very difficult process because the two armies in the war had to then unite as one country.
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Ukraine-Russia Conflict

In Ukraine, the country is divided into two parts. The Western side wants independence from Russia because it believes that Russia does not have it's best interests in mind. The Eastern side wants to become part of Russia because it believes that Russia is the best option. Russia has had armed guards and military in Eastern Ukraine but is refraining from using them in an aggressive manner due to persuasion from NATO. The Western Ukraine has support from all over the world because it is viewed as a human rights issue, and Western Ukraine is the victim. I think that Western Ukraine will win this conflict because it has so much support from the rest of the world. Also, if Russia invades Ukraine, this could be like another Hitler in Europe. The rest of the world really doesn't want that to happen.
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