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New System Tips

Bracelets + Over the Heart Chain making debut Friday night!!

Get ready to order the bracelets, link locket, over the heart chain and sterling silver chains this Friday evening starting at midnight EST!


Note that this Friday, any commission earned on orders posted last week of October will be paid out via direct deposit/check. Any commission earned on orders posted in November will be paid out via PayQuicker.

Monthly Override commissions are also supposed to be paid out via direct deposit or check for October. Going forward it will all be deposited via Payquicker.

If you have not signed up for Payquicker yet, please check your email to see if you received a personalized link to get signed up. If you do not have that link you need to contact PayQuicker at 1-866-400-2712. NOTE: All future commissions will be put into your Payquicker account and then you can transfer money to your bank account if you do not want to use the debit card that comes with the account.

{New System Launch}

Please review the New System Videos provided by Corporate. I know it seems like a lot but most videos are under 3 minutes long and they will give you a great foundation for learning this new system.

Password: ootraining

Your Designer Landing Page: https://vimeo.com/75422910
Placing a Wholesale Order: https://vimeo.com/75442634
Order Summary Page: https://vimeo.com/75447777
Creating a New Jewelry Bar: https://vimeo.com/77255819
Jewelry Bar Assistant: https://vimeo.com/77256263
How to Place a Jewelry Bar Order:https://vimeo.com/78007725
Enrolling New Recruits: https://vimeo.com/77734569
Reports Dashboard: https://vimeo.com/77735290
Sales Volume: https://vimeo.com/77737498
Designer Performance Summary:https://vimeo.com/77737939
Sales and Sponsoring: https://vimeo.com/77738182
Commissions Summary: https://vimeo.com/77738800
Downline Report: https://vimeo.com/77739100
Sponsorship Report: https://vimeo.com/77740556
Career Coach: https://vimeo.com/78202791
My Preferences: https://vimeo.com/77743813
Your Personal Website: https://vimeo.com/75449908
Contact Manager: https://vimeo.com/75429157
My Leads: https://vimeo.com/77740900

{New System FAQs}

Click here to view the New System FAQs posted this past Monday in the back office.

Shining Jewels Team Training 11/5/13 Walk through of New System

11-5-13 Team Call - NEW Back office webinar

{Attaching an online order to the Jewelry Bar}

In order for an Online Order to be attached to a Jewelry Bar, so the hostess gets credit, the personalized Jewelry Bar Code must be in the Jewelry Bar Code box at check out.

This code will pre-fill for the guest if they:
- Use the personalized link that is generated and emailed to the hostess when setting up the jewelry bar.


- Use the Search "Jewelry Bar By Hostess Name" on the top of your site.

Otherwise, the hostess can provide them with the code and they can manually type it in after they enter their address.

**Please ensure you coach your Hostess that this is what needs to be done as I have heard that they won't be transferring orders.

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{Entering Bookings}

You will enter in any bookings to earn your hostess an extra 1/2 price item after entering the Hostesses Free/Half Price and Exclusive Items.

See this video at 3:45 min mark to review. password: ootraining


The $4 shipping at this time is applicable when shipping orders to the Hostess option only; however with that being said the Hostess address can certainly be the Designers address as the system is not checking against that.

We are investigating ways to have the $4 shipping applicable to either the Designer or Other options as long as all of the orders on the Jewelry Bar are shipping to the same address.


Therefore you need to have at least 4 orders all marked the option to ship to hostess in order to get $4 shipping to work. If mark to ship to any other address then it will follow the direct shipping charges on the Shipping Grid which start at $5.95.

In addition, if you want the orders to process and ship right away and not await for the party to close you will need to enter the orders in through your replicated website for direct shipping. At this time the ones entered by you through the back office will all sit there until you close the party (I'm assuming this is because of this group shipping option so they can all ship together).

{Ordering Business Materials}

Orders > Business Supply Order

Verify your information/address.

If know the Item# then use quick order pad, otherwise click on the X.

Click on Product Search button

To bring up all business materials, choose that as your category and then click Search then scroll down and select various pages.

*If know what you want can also use description to search, such as "Take" to bring up Take Out Menus or "Order" to bring up order forms.

PLEASE NOTE: The FALL Take Out Menus is what you want to be ordering. The image says Not Available but they are IN STOCK. Item#SA7003

{Ordering Wholesale}

Orders > New Designer Order

NOTE: When placing the order the retail prices show up in the product search screen, but after you add the items in your cart the wholesale discount and pricing should be reflected.

{News from the Nest}

All News from the Nest is now in your back office under the O2Lounge area.

Click on Blogs > Browse Blogs then can narrow down by clicking link on top. News from Nest, Product Availability or Webinars

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{Tracking Your Order}

To Track a Package it appears you go to ORDERS > ORDER SUMMARY > COMPLETED ORDERS then there is a column Ship Date/Tracking Information

***Please note that currently it appears that the back office isn't yet updating showing that the items have shipped when they some in fact have. If you go to Fedex.com you can try to Track by Reference and use your order # as the reference # to check status.

Better yet, I suggest you sign up for the free Fedex Manager Service and it notifies you any time a package is coming your way.

If it is over 7 business days (or earlier if chose expedited shipping), then feel free to contact Designer Care to inquire about the delay.

{Designer Care}

Monday-Friday 10am-10pm EST
Saturdays 11am-8pm EST
Phone# 1-888-491-0331

*TIP: FastCustomer is a handy website/app that will hold for you and call you when a representative is on the line.

{Technical Issues}

If you are experiencing any technical issues, it is advised that you send information using the contact form (origamiowl.com > contact us on bottom > contact us) and use drop down options Designer and Technical. Please include as much information as you can as well as the browser you are using.