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About the Chardon Library


Anyone of any age can get a library card and check out anything there. Most books are checked out for about 21 days and can be renewed twice. Games and movies are out for only about a week but can also be renewed twice. If another person has something on hold it is not renewable.

How Can I Get a Library Card?

You can get a library card by going to the Geauga Public Library and asking a librarian to fill out a form for one.

How many days can I have the items I checked out?

You can usually have books out for around 21 days at a time and movies are usually only out for one week.

How many times can I renew the items I have checked out?

You can renew items twice but, if they are on hold you can't renew them.

How do I find the items I want?

You can ask a librarian to help you see if it's available or, check the library's website to see if it's available in the library.

How can a librarian help with research for a project?

You can ask where you would find items related to your topic or he/she could tell you who you might be able to interview to get information from.

What is a Librarian?

A librarian is someone who works at a library to help everyone at the library, whether it is shelving books or helping someone. Example: A librarian helps people find books.


Availability is when a book is in the library is able to be checked out. Example: When an item is in the library able to check out.

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