Suicide Prevention

Health Class-Taylor Costello

Suicide Warning Signs

People that are suicidal or are thinking about attempting suicide can give "Warning signs". Some are more obvious then others. There are warnings called verbal warnings and warnings that are called non-verbal warnings.

Verbal Warnings:

-"There is no point in living anymore."

-"I'm tired of life."

-"What is the point in going on?"

-"I'm going to end it all."

-"I'm going to attempt suicide."

Non-Verbal Warnings:

-Purchasing of gun(s)

-Stocking up on pills

-Giving away of most prized possessions

-Sudden intrest or disintrest in church or religion

-Failure to speek to family/friends

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These people are silently crying out for help.

Anyone that you trust can help. Teachers, close friends, and family members are all people a person could go to inorder to find the help you are seeking. You can also find help from a school counselors or anyone you would be willing to reach help from. There are also suicide prevention hot lines that are always there to talk and listen.

Suicide is Preventable

A suicidal person may not ask for help, but that doesn't mean they do no what it.

-Make sure they know you are there to listen and to talk to.

- Most suicidal people don't want to die they just what to stop hurting, so inorder to prevent their death be aware that they are only thinking about dying because they are in pain.

-Reasure them that the pain will end and you are there to help them get through it.

- You don't have to be friends with someone in order to prevent their death. Take the time to say hello or start a conversation with them.

-Talk directly to them about the problem and show empathy