Segregation in South Africa

What was Apartheid?

Apartheid means "separateness". Apartheid was when people were separated by different race or color. It was when African Americans and Asian(colored) people got treated differently because the whites thought they were better than everyone else. It was meant to control another race or ethnic group.

Who was Nelson Mandela?

Nelson Mandela was a protester of the Apartheid, he didn't like the fact that the whites had all the control and treated others unfairly. Mandela was the leader of the ANC (African National Congress). He was such a major protester that he got put in jail for 27 years.After he was let out of jail by F.W. de Klerk, Nelson Mandela became president in 1994.

Who was F.W. deKlerk?

F.W. deKlerk was the seventh president of South Africa, he was also the last president of the Apartheid-era. De Klerk was the person who lifted Mandela's ban of the ANC. He also let Mandela out of his 20 year prison time.

Where and when did Apartheid take place?

Apartheid took place in South Africa. It happened between 1948-1990. It ended in 1990 but today some people still judge people by their race and religion.


Apartheid changed the way Africans lived. Most Africans got many things taken away from them in there life time. The discovery of diamond made the Europeans want to take over even more of South Africa. For more than 40 years both South Africans and others didn't agree with Apartheid and wanted it to stop. Many countries quit trade with South Africa.


Apartheid ended in 1990, that was when Nelson Mandela was let out of prison. During Apartheid Africans didn't have the right to do a bunch of things, once it ended Africans could do so much. Today Africans have the right to vote, marry whoever they won't, live where ever they wont and many more things but not all people treat them fairly. Africans should be treated fairly they are people too, you can't help the way others act but you can help the way you act to your surroundings.