Marco Polo

By: Olivia Gorman

Marco Polo's Backround

-Born: 1254

-Death: January 8, 1324 (age: 69)

-Birth place: Venice Italy ( also death place)

-Born to a wealthy Venetian Merchant family

-For most of his childhood, he had no parents

-his uncle also died when he was young

-Marco Polo barely knew his father and uncle when they began their expedition

Marco Polo's Discoveries and Achievements

-Marco Polo was 17 when he set out with his father for china

-when he was 38, he emarked to sail home to Venice

- Marco and 3 other men went to Asia and strayed for 20 years

- Marco Polo met his dad at the age of 15

Marco Polo's Impact on our World Today

- challenge the European view of itself

-Marco Polo's travels influenced the Chinese as well as the Europeans. It influenced them to map the world as well as travel to other countries. It gave them a look at parts of Asia that were never seen by westerners before.

- when he came back from china, he influenced the silk road

- Marco Polo traveled by land, his trip was long and dangerous so explorers tried to search for an all water route to the East.