By: Tyler Kozlowski

Theme= Don't ever give up on your dream's!

When Will Tyler's town announces that they will be shutting down pee-wee football, Will is devistated. After Will fumbled the ball in the championship the year before, he looks to make a comeback this year. But without any money for uniforms and a field to play on. Then there isn't much luck for Will. Unless he can get the whole town to rally for new uniforms for all the teams, and a field to play on. Most importantly enough player's in the league to play. So Will send's a letter to newbalance shoe company to raise money for all the stuff they need! Will works, and works, and works so he can get the league started back up. Finally, after Will's hard work, football has started back up!

Description of the setting from the story "The Underdogs".

Description of Will Tyler, and Hannah Grayson!

Will Tyler is the main character of this story. There is really something special about him in many ways! Will never give's up on anything he does, and I mean ANYTHING. When there is a football in Will's hands' there is nothing else on his mind than hitting the gap and scoring touchdowns. Will is definitely not the biggest, nor strongest running back in the league, but he is definitely the most dominate player in this league. Football is Will's passion, and he will never give up on it. Will is also a very good citizen. The charities he starts just so people him, and the other kids' that want to play football, can play! All around Will is a great person!

Hannah Grayson doesn't really come into the story until they start playing football again. But a lot of teams' do want Hannah, and for one reason. She is an incredible kicker, and that's what teams' in the league need is a kicker. Also Hannah is very brave to be playing full on tackle football in a guys' league. You don't see that very often in any football league! That's another reason why teams' in the league wanted her, because of how brave she was, and because she can take a hit! That's what teams' need, is someone who can take a hit!

If you like sport's, and surprise's this is definately a book for you!

All About Mike Lupica. Author of many #1 New York Times Best Seller's.

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He began his newspaper career covering the New York Knicks for the New York Post at age 23. He became the youngest columnist ever at a New York paper with the New York Daily News, which he joined in 1977. For more than 30 years, Lupica has added magazines, novels, sports biographies, other non-fiction books on sports, as well as television to his professional resume. For the past fifteen years, he has been a TV anchor for ESPN's The Sports Reporters. He also hosted his own program, The Mike Lupica Show on ESPN2.

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Lupica is also what he describes as a "serial Little League coach," a youth basketball coach, and a soccer coach for his four children, three sons and a daughter. He and his family live in Connecticut

Quotes from the story "The Underdogs".

  1. "Because we (Forbes 6th Grade Football Team) need a little more help. No, it's not the money this time if that's what you think. We just need for people in our town to get behind us in a different way, which means by being our eleventh manon Saturday."
  2. "But my (Will Tyler) dad once told me it takes no talent to get knocked down, espicially in a game like football. He said that it's how you get back up that counts.".
  3. "I (Will Tyler) don't know we could repay the money it would cost-ten thousand dollars-except by trying to do New Balance proud in the way we would play."