Debt-Free and Set Free

"Owe no man anything but to love him..." (from Romans 13:8)

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Staying the Course

Well, the holidays are officially upon us, and even though it's a balmy 60 degrees outside, Christmas is definitely in the air! At my house, we've hauled out the trees, hung the lights, put up the decorations, and lit the candles. The house smells like Scentsy, and there are Christmas stockings EVERYWHERE!

As you can imagine, with the spirit of celebration swirling all around, sales ads in the mailbox, Black Friday, Pre-Black Friday, Black Friday Weekend and Cyber Monday, the temptation to buy things is a bit overwhelming. To help avoid overspending during the Thanksgiving-Christmas-New Year's holidays, I've made sure to pay my debts and extra mortgage payments at the beginning of the each month. What is in my account now is mine to spend however I choose to spend it. (cough, cough)

Admittedly, I wish there was more of it to spend. Christmas is 17 days away, and the only things I've purchased are pants, sweaters and warm pajamas for children who are growing (literally) like weeds. Those won't be wrapped or placed under the Christmas trees--the kids need to wear them now. I still need to get some repairs done on the Mercury and the roof is leaking into the attic. (Sigh)


Here's the good news. First of all, we are on track, and those things I mentioned will get taken care of. Secondly, we are spending frugally, but wisely, through prayer and prioritization. And finally, we have still been able to overpay the mortgage each month--even with an $800 reduction in my monthly pay. In short, as it relates to the financial path God set me on in February, we have been able to honor God with our obedience. Because He is God (not because we did anything to earn it), He is blessing my family more than I could ever imagine.

Speaking of blessings, I received an updated statement last month showing that in 7 months, I have reduced my mortgage pay-off by the equivalent of 31 months. If I keep it up, the house will be paid off in the 5.5 year window God showed me in February. #Won'tHeDoIt?

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