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Where is Japan?

Japan is the neighbour of North and South Korea . Japan ,is in eastern Asia, island chain between the North Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Japan, east of the Korean Peninsula.

What do the Japanese people eat?

A traditional Japanese meal consists of a serving of plain, white rice, along with a main dish (fish or meat), some kind of side dish (often cooked vegetables), soup (often miso soup), and pickled vegetables. Japanese rice is sticky when cooked, making it ideal for eating with chopsticks.

What is the traditional clothing?

The traditional dress is the kimono it is worn by men,women and children.The women and girls wear bright and colourful kimonos.why the men and boys wear darker kimonos.

Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji is the biggest mountain in Japan.Mount Fuji is 3776 meters. You can climb mount Fuji. mount Fuji is a big attrition to Japan. here is a video about mount Fuji and a lot others.

Capital city of Japan

The capital ciy of Japan is Tokyo,Tokyo is the capital city the population is ruffly 13.23 million people that is alot.Tokyo has great attractions like Disney land,Tokyo tower and National Children’s Castle they are all awesome.

Population of Japan

The population of Japan is 125 723 182 and approximetly Every 34.10 sec. a baby is born in Japan. Every hour 105.6 persons are born.Every 24.71 sec. one person dies in Japan. Every hour die 145.7 persons.



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