MCESC HR Quarterly News

Montgomery County ESC: August ~ November 2017

MCESC Welcomes Over 380 Staff Members in First Opening Day Convocation

Associate Superintendent, Shannon M. Cox

MCESC welcomed 387 staff members back to work for the 2017-2018 school year on August 9th! Even though all of our departments or divisions of the organization were given a color to use as their visual representation within the crowd, each department brought creativity to a new level! Capes, sunglasses, pink sports coats; as well as, a variety of other innovative ways were used to show our department unity! While we were able to clearly see who belonged to which department, the more amazing view came while standing at the podium looking out among the smiles and beautiful souls who represent MCESC on a daily basis in over 90 educational entities throughout the year. Service is our middle name and we do take it seriously. Our workforce is derived of individuals with many different skill-sets, talents, credentials and licenses, but one thing we all hold in common is our drive to provide quality service for the greater good.

Our intention to bring the entire MCESC staff together was to start the year off knowing and seeing how we each fit, as a very special piece of the larger organization. What we each do every day, matters to kids, every day!

The Wellness Wave ~

Director of Operations & Administration, Rusty Clifford

The “Incredible Health, Family, Work Guy,” otherwise known as Director of Administration & Operations, Rusty Clifford led the Wellness Wave at the MCESC Opening Day Convocation. “Thank you to all of the MCESC Staff for your continued support of Wellness Committee activities.” “An additional thank you,” said Clifford, “to all who have participated in EPC insurance related Health Wellness challenges and webcasts.” “Moreover, thank you to all for your willing participation in the Wellness Wave on Opening Day! – It was Incredible!”

“Health, Family & Work (HFW) Create a culture of wellness in every classroom, cubicle, and building – students and staff,” said Clifford. “Your personal health – Mind, Body, and Soul – is paramount, personalized, and pursued daily.” With a huge smile on his face, Rusty jests, “Your wellness pursuits will put a hitch in your giddy up, a zig in your zag, and a look, feel, and groove in you that will be “Incredible!”

Health Wellness Champions are strategically positioned throughout the MCESC to energize, educate, and enlighten you about Health Wellness programs, activities and initiatives. They will also be leading and facilitating the conversations at each site regarding the utilization of financial resources to meet your site specific Health Wellness needs. Working together we know that the 2017-18 school year will be productive, healthy, and “Incredible!”

Welcome New Hires and Transfers

Director of Human Resources, Marion Stout

New Staff Members 2017-2018 School Year

Educational Assistant 26

MCLC West 17, MCLC East 7, Beckitt Springs 1, Northridge 1

Intervention Specialist 15

MCLC West- 8, MCLC East - 3, Beckitt Springs 1, YPH - 1, APE – 2

Miami Valley Regional Center Specialists 2

Elementary Principal 1 and Assistant Principal 1

Director of Administration and Operations 1

Custodians 2

Speech Language Pathologists 4

School Psychologists 5

Occupational Therapists 1

Attendance Officer 1

City County Contracts 4

Supervisors 5

Gifted 1

Instructional 2

Student Programs 1

Stem Director 1

Learn to Earn 2

Payroll Officer 1

Administrative Consultant 1

SST Consultant 1

School and Family Facilitator 1

Total New Staff Members 74

Lia Andrix - Educational Assistant

Abby Balazs - Intervention Specialist

Carl ‘Ray’ Banks - Intervention Specialist

Evan Beam - Tech Assistant

Khandis Beardmore - Educational Assistant

Henry "Hank" Benton - Trotwood Academic Coach

Erica Brackens - Educational Assistant

Amy Broermann - Speech & Language Pathologist

Caleb Brumley - Educational Assistant

Devon Caldwell - Educational Assistant

LaKiesha Cannon - Educational Assistant

Emma Chadd - School Psychologist

Brian ‘Rusty’ Clifford - Director Operations & Administration

Lisa Combs - Administrative Consultant

Travis Cooper - Hearing Intervention Specialist

Dawnna Cron - Payroll Officer

Ralph Davis - Restorative Justice Specialist

Michael Diehl - Educational Assistant

Courtney Duncan - Educational Assistant

Holly Farrell—Adaptive Physical Education

Kathleen Fath - Intervention Specialist

Michaline ‘Maxie’ Flynn - School Psychologist

Barbara Gardecki - Instructional Supervisor

Michaela Gates - Intervention Specialist

Taiesha Green - Educational Assistant

Nicole Hall - Educational Assistant

Natasha Harrell - Secretary, LTE

Alicia Helton - Educational Assistant

Justin Henkaline - Educational Assistant

Lori Herrick - Intervention Specialist

Reginald Hicks - Educational Assistant

TeChina Jackson - Educational Assistant

Cristina Kazzi - Speech & Language Pathologist

Michael Kelly - State Support Team Consultant

Laura Kuebel - School Psychologist

Unique Lane - Educational Assistant

William Johnson - Ofoegbu - Educational Assistant

Kris Ketron - Attendance Officer

Andrew Kiger - AIM Coordinator

Heather Koehl - Instructional Supervisor

Laura Kuebel - School Psychologist

Jodi Kulka - School Psychologist

Paula Latham - Trotwood Restorative Justice Specialist

DaJuana Lewis - Educational Assistant

Breanna Lloyd - Educational Assistant

Latoria Marcellus - Preschool Promise Director of Quality

Richard "Blaine" Markland - Intervention Specialist

Anthya McClurkin - Educational Assistant

Ronnie McGraw - Custodian

Jessica McKelvey - Educational Assistant

Sarah Mescher—School Psychologist Intern

Cheryl Miller - Educational Assistant

Melissa Mize - Intervention Specialist

Abby Naska - Orientation & Mobility Specialist

Angie Osenbaugh - Intervention Specialist

Tiffany Parker - Educational Assistant

Danielle Pegues - Educational Assistant

Taylor Petry - Speech & Language Pathologist

Holly Pressley - Assistant Principal

Dana Saddler - Intervention Specialist

Michael Sanders - Educational Assistant

Kristin Schmidt - Intervention Specialist

Wendell Sheets—Substitute Custodian

Lahela Snyder - Gifted Supervisor

Erin Thalheimer - Speech & Language Pathologist

Megan VanChure - Intervention Specialist

Kathy Vail - Family Consultant

Jodi Villars - PE Teacher

Kaleigh Weithman - Occupational Therapist


Elizabeth Wolfe - Eberly - STEM Director

Jo Slieff - Principal

Tobi Wells - Intervention Specialist

Judy Hensley - Adaptive Physical Education

Jeremy Joseph -Supervisor, Student Programs

Transfer Tobi Wells ~ Among New Intervention Specialist's

Director of Employee Relations, Bonita Terry

Director of Employee Relations, Bonita Terry asks Tobi Wells about coming into her new position as Intervention Specialist after serving as Educational Assistant for MCESC.

New Intervention Specialist, Tobi Wells is not so new to Montgomery County Learning Centers!

Why did you decide to come to MCESC? I was substituting for a couple local districts and applied for MCESC. I enjoyed substituting for MCESC and gladly accepted a full time position as Educational Assistant when offered the opportunity.

Terry: What made you choose to become an Intervention Specialist?

Wells: I enjoyed working with the students and had the opportunity to join a grant funded accelerated program through the University of Dayton.

Terry: How difficult was it for you to take classes and work?

Wells: I began my classes in the summer, which made it easier. Once I went back to work it was difficult trying to juggle work, classes and my home life.

Terry: Did you take advantage of Tuition Reimbursement?

Wells: My program was entirely grant funded. The initial portion of the program is complete but I am still required to take courses towards my permanent licensure, so I will be taking advantage of the MCESC Tuition Reimbursement program offered by Montgomery County ESC.

Terry: What is the likelihood that you will continue to serve the children of MCESC?

Wells: I enjoy working with the students at MCESC so I see myself staying in my current position for a while.

Terry: Why are you here?

Wells: I am here at MCLC West to teach our students, to the best of my ability, how to be knowledgeable and independent once they graduate.

Longevity Award Winners 5 ~ 10 ~ 15 ~ 20 Years of Service

Director of Human Resources, Marion Stout

Director of Human Resources, Marion Stout salutes Longevity Award Winners at the MCESC Opening Day Convocation! “Service in one location is a great feat in 2017 and we want to make this special,” said Stout.

5 Years of Service: J. Appelbaum, T. Grottla, R. McKelvey, R. Riddlebarger, B. Savino, R. Smith, J. Stump, M. Hortman, J. Johnson, G. Bastin, R. Hagan, K. Brun, K. Coppess, K. Lang, K. Langendefer, C. McCall, M. Miller, A. Smalls

10 Years of Service: D. Tschirhart, B. Terry, A. Beam, D. Gussler, H. Cooper, J. Campbell

15 Years of Service: M. McCommons, M. Glover, J. Hensley, L. Engle, J. Renegado, S. Shull, A. Wade, C. Anklan, M. Kreill

20 Years of Service Pictured top: A. Manos, L. Saylor, N. Wilker, M. Donovan, L. Frantz, S. Voisard, (Not pictured) R. Sneed, G. Jewell, A. D'Amico, C. Watson, M. Fox, S. Hey, T. Stukey

American Fidelity and Your Benefits ~

Treasurer, Christopher Fox

The Montgomery County Educational Service Center is constantly looking for new partnerships to help us provide the best service we can to our students, staff, and client districts. This holds true in all aspects of the business, including benefits. Staff and associated benefits make up nearly 75% of the budget. So in an effort to streamline the benefit process, which will in turn cut down on these costs, we have partnered with American Fidelity.

Here in the next few weeks, we will begin our benefit enrollment meetings. These will answer many questions you may have or in some cases, answer questions you haven’t even thought about yet. American Fidelity, alongside McGohan Brabender, will be on site to provide up to date information regarding benefit changes and how they affect you.

Open Enrollment begins October 16, 2017. This year, you will be logging into Benelogic (which is the EPC platform for benefits) and selecting what insurances you would like to carry for the 2018 plan year.

During open enrollment, you will have an opportunity to meet with an American Fidelity consultant one on one to discuss what insurances you would like to carry and also what voluntary products you would like to have (i.e. voluntary life, disability, etc.). Every employee will have up to 30 minutes to discuss benefits with the consultant. This time can either be spent asking questions, walking through the Benelogic process, or both. We look forward to this new partnership and hope you find it to be a benefit to you.

Biometric Screening - Get your Biometric Screening at the MCESC or schedule one with your doctor today!

Employees selecting the ESC Medical Insurance MUST have completed a Biometric Screening by December 1, 2017 or they will be charged an ADDITIONAL $100.00 per month for their Medical Insurance Coverage.

Employees may either turn in their screening form that has been completed by their physician OR participate in the screenings listed below. There is NO CHARGE to complete the screening during the times listed below and there is NO CHARGE for employees to receive flu shots

Employees may register for any of the screenings listed below. Registration IS required for BOTH the Biometric Screening and Flu shots.

Monday, October 9, 2017 at Learning Center East: 2528 Wilmington Pk., Kettering OH 45419

  • Contact: Pam Dalton 937-293-7559
Tuesday, October 10, 2017 at Learning Center West: 3500 S. Kettering Blvd., Moraine OH 45439
  • Contact: Jenny Appelbaum 937-253-4178
Thursday, October 12, 2017 at MCESC Administrative Offices: 200 S. Keowee St., Dayton OH 45402
  • Contact: Barbara Orr 937-225-4603
Friday, October 13, 2017 at Miami Valley Regional Center: 4801 Springfield St., Dayton OH 45431
  • Contact: Mary Crews 937-236-9965

Open Enrollment and Voluntary Benefit Meetings

Would you like to have additional information about your benefits?

Would you like to ask questions about your options?

Join us for the MCESC Open Enrollment & Voluntary Benefit Meetings!

The Office of Human Resources & the Treasurer's Office would like for you to STAY informed!

Monday, October 16, 2017 from 4:30p to 6:00p

Admin Office @ Keowee - 200 S. Keowee St., Dayton OH 45402

Tuesday, October 17, 2017 from 2:30p to 4:00p

MCLC West - 3500 S. Kettering Blvd., Moraine OH 45439

Wednesday, October 18, 2017 from 2:30p to 4:00p

MCLC East - 2528 Wilmington Pk., Kettering OH 45419

Friday, October 20, 2017 from 1:00p to 2:30p

Regional Center- 4801 Springfield St., Dayton OH 45431

Pictured above, Treasurer's Office (Chris Fox - Treasurer, April Oliver - Assistant Treasurer, Dawnna Cron - Payroll Officer, Brandy Nelson- Accounts Payable Clerk)

EAT ~ The Educational Assessment Team

Coordinator of EAT & Assistant to Admin. Supervisor,

Christy Donnelly

The Educational Assessment Team works collaboratively with school district personnel to provide specialized assistance meeting the unique and challenging needs of individual students with low incidence (severe and/or multiple) disabilities. They collaborate with participating public school districts in Clarke, Darke, Greene, Miami, Montgomery and Preble counties. The team includes highly qualified school psychologists, and educational audiologist, a speech/language pathologist, a teacher of the visually impaired, and an orientation and mobility specialist

The types of assessments are varied and are determined by needs of the student and the requests from the district which can include autism, assistive technology for the visually impaired, assistive technology for writing and reading, augmentative communication, hearing tests, auditory processing tests (7years +), functional listening assessments, functional vision, Independent Educational Evaluations (IEEs), and other assessments as approved.

School districts seek support from the EAT’s highly qualified practitioners who have specialized training and experience in evaluating and supporting students with low incidence disabilities.

School districts make referrals to the EAT by contacting the Miami Valley Regional Center. Once the team has completed the testing, observations, and interviews a comprehensive written report is developed and shared with the district. In some cases the results may be shared simultaneously with parents and the school district. The staff of the EAT is willing to discuss findings and answer questions.

Superintendent's Spotlight on Marti Baker ~

Superintendent, Frank DePalma

Marti Baker began her career at MCESC in May, 2006 as a custodian at the Keowee Street office. Later that year she applied for the receptionist position and served as our receptionist for several years. Marti took it upon herself to improve her computer skills and three years ago transferred to the Instructional Services department. She has worked diligently to aid in the department’s growth as she supported all general curriculum offerings-especially the work of the Stem Center. Marti has become well known to district reps who now depend on her support. Recently Marti assumed the hybrid position of secretary for the Associate Superintendent and Superintendent.

Marti grew up on a farm with livestock to care for and 1200 acres to cultivate. She raised, bred, showed, rode and drove Clydesdale horses. She came to MCESC with dirt under her fingernails, willingness to work and a drive for personal and professional growth. Marti works her embroidery business at night and on weekends along with an occasional horse show. Her pride and joy are her two adult sons, Bobby who works for an international tech company in Columbus and Ben who leads quality control for a major meat packing plant in Cincinnati.

“The ESC took a chance on me. I am forever grateful,” said Marti. The fact is that she earned those chances and it has been mutually beneficial to Marti and the ESC.

MCESC Birthdays this Quarter ~ August

Angela Asman Occupational Therapist, August 13

Angela Cook School Counselor, August 3

Ashley Marshall Preschool Promise Director, August 4

Barbara Orr Secretary, August 10

Brandy Nelson Accounts Payable Clerk, August 1

Carol Caplinger-Lemons Teacher, August 18

Cheryl Miller Educational Assistant, August 24

Christina Cool Occupational Therapist, August 24

Christine McCall Occupational Therapist Asst., August 12

Cristina Kazzi Speech Therapist, August 24

Denise Van Winkle Educational Assistant, August 16

Erica Brackens Educational Assistant, August 15

Garey Grigsby Educational Assistant, August 23

Heather Sage SST Consultant, August 15

Jacqueline Renegado Occupational Therapist, August 20

James Plummer Custodian, August 5

Jennifer Abels Physical Therapist, August 9

Justin Moorman Teacher, August 9

Kara Hartke Occupational Therapist, August 10

Karyn Sleppy Teacher, August 24

Marlene McCommons Secretary, August 2

Mary Crews Secretary, August 27

Mary Hargreaves Educational Assistan, August 2

Marylouise Braun Summer RISE Coordinator, August 7

Megan McDaniel Educational Assistant, August 31 (Pictured above)

Megan VanChure Teacher, August 1

Michael Diehl Educational Assistant, August 14

Michael Sanders Educational Assistant, August 10

Mimzie Attisano Sub Physical Therapist, August 30

Paula Pleiman Occupational Therapist, August 23

Priya Morris Educational Assistant, August 10

Reginald Talley Educational Assistant, August 11

Ritika Kurup Director of Early Learning LTE, August 25

Roderick Sneed Educational Assistant, August 2

Roger Smith Educational Assistant, August 8

Ronnie McGraw Custodian, August 8

Roosevelt Mahoney Educational Assistant, August 14

Sarah Mescher School Psych Intern, August 8

Seney Calis Speech Therapist, August 17

Sharon Govender Art Teacher, August 31

Taylor Petry Speech Therapist, August 25

Teresa Stukey Occupational Therapist, August 8

Vickie Hesler State Support Team, August 15

William Griffith Computer Technologist, August 15

Karen Fair Health Clinic RN, August 10

Sharon Jancha Orientation Mobility Specialist, August 10

MCESC Birthday's This Quarter ~ September

Carolyn Nevels Teacher, September 7

Cheryl VanHoose Director of OT/PT, September 14

Christina Helmer Teacher, September 2

Daryl Michael Board Member, September 16

Delores Pugh SST Consultant, September 23

Eileen Epley Physical Therapist, September 10

Joyce Rex State Support Team Consultant, September 11

Kelli Cook Secretary, September 8 (Pictured above)

Kerry Laake Educational Assistant, September 30

Laura Alway Occupational Therapist, September 25

Lisa Combs Administrative Consultant, September 18

Lori Herrick Teacher, September 30

Marcus Glover Attendance Officer, September 19

Michelle Gardner Physical Therapist, September 30

Pamela Horn Educational Assistant, September 11

Pamela Moorman-Broderick Teacher, September 18

Patricia Hoyle Dh/Sld Supervisor, September 27

Paula Latham Restorative Justice Spec., September 20

Ramona Williams Educational Assistant, September 18

Robyn Lightcap Executive Director LTE, September 25

Stephen Rader, Jr. Custodian, September 20

Susan Edmondson Physical Therapist, September 29

Susan Seelig SST Consultant, September14

Taylor Miley Teacher, September 6

Tonya Flory Educational Assistant, September 28

Volanda Brice, Educational Assistant, September 27

MCESC Birthday's this Quarter ~ October

Allison Officer ACT Intervention Specialist, October 24

Andrea Smalls Nurse, October 17

Bonnie Thompson State Support Team Consultant, October 22

Carol Dittoe Speech Therapist, October 18

Dawnna Cron Payroll Officer, October 22

Devon Berry Educational Assistant, October 2

Diana Wourms Physical Therapist, October 9

Erin Newsome Occupational Therapist, October 27

Francis Burneka Educational Assistant, October 7

Jacqueline Baumgardner Educational Assistant, October 21

Jennifer Mikesell Educational Assistant, October 9

John Kettering Educational Assistant, October 12

Joyce Richards Industry & Career Experience Coordinator, October 30

Kristin Miller Occupational Therapist, October 13

Kristin Schmidt Teacher, October 29

Linda Daniels Physical Therapist, October 12

Linda Swafford Receptionist, October 14

Michelle Kyle Physical Therapist, October 13

Rebecca Brinkman - Clayman SST Consultant, October 6

Reggie Hicks Educational Assistant, October 25

Rusty Clifford Director of Administration & Operations, October 25

Sarah Baidel Speech Therapist, October 20

Stacey Graw Teacher, October 16

Stacie Hayne State Support Team Consultant, October 29

Susan Woodward Test Scorer, October 25

Terri Blakely Occupational Therapist, October 13

Thomas Walter Teacher, October 7

Tina Baker Educational Assistant, October 8

Tina Boehmer Custodian, October 25

Tina Snyder Occupational Therapist, October 21

Unique Lane Educational Assistant, October 13

MCESC Birthday's this Quarter ~ November

Abby Balazs Teacher, November 18

Alicia Helton Educational Assistant, November 2

Alyssa Medeiros Educational Assistant, November 4

Amy Bernett Educational Assistant, November 5

Andrea Rhoden Occupational Therapist, November 24

Andrew Kiger AIM Coordinator, November 28

Anne Klene Occupational Therapist, November 26

Ashley Hackett Speech Therapist, November 6

Cari Minnich Physical Therapist, November 16

Christina Barhorst Occupational Therapist, November 11

Christine Anklan Secretary, November 19

Christopher Pennybacker Educational Assistant, November 4

Christy Donnelly Ed Assessment Project Coord/Asst to Admin Supervisor, November 22

Cynthia Weidle Educational Assistant, November 23

Danielle Campbell Physical Therapist Assistant, November 19

Elizabeth Wolfe-Eberly Stem Center Director, November 22

Hank Benton Academic Coach/Mentor (Trotwood), November 22

Holly Pressley Assistant Principal, November 21

Ingrid Moore Educational Assistant, November 6

Ivory Kennedy Educational Assistant, November 1

Katie Langenderfer Occupational Therapist, November 25

Kelly Geers Workforce Director, November 11

Kim Shults Tutor, November 24

Kris Ketron Attendance Officer, November 6

Laura Boyd Graduation Readiness Coordinator, November 9

Laura Kuebel Psychologist, November 21

Lauren Gibbs Hearing Intervention Specialist, November 12

Lisa Rife Teacher, November 20

Lori Alejandro Secretary, November 30

Mandy Whitfield Teacher, November 23

Mark Foley Teacher of the Visually Impaired, November 2

Mary Jane Karns State Support Team Consultant, November 30

Mary Prather Teacher, November 22

Michelle Thibaut Teacher - Ape, November 19

Nicole Cobb Educational Assistant, November 10

Norma Wilker Occupational Therapist, November 29

Ray Banks Teacher, November 4

Robert Mckelvey Educational Assistant, November 10

Robin Koronich Teacher, November 16

Roger Wiedenheft Maintenance Director, November 13

Ronald Murray AIM Coordinator, November 2

Sharon Geer Interpreter, November 21

Sonya Shull Physical Therapist, November 4

Susan Aebker Occupational Therapist, November 23

Timothy Appelbaum Educational Assistant, November 26

Caroline Balazs Educational Assistant, November 24

Anthony Appelbaum Educational Assistant, November 26


If your are a certified educator , ask yourself these questions:

Is my license due to expire in June of 2018? Do I have enough C.E.U.'s to renew my license? Do I have an approved Individual Professional Development Plan (Ippy Dippy)? Does my license require that I take additional coursework prior to renewal?

ALL licensure renewals must be processed through the LPDC.

The LPDC, rather than state certification office has become the signatory for licensure renewal. The LPDC cannot approve any new licensure, only renewals.

Educators are expected to renew their licensure by developing an Individual Professional Development Plan that must be reviewed, approved, and verified by the LPDC in each school district.

Educators who have obtained a Permanent Certificate do not have to develop an Individual Professional Development Plan. Permanent Certificates remain permanent under the new licensure system.

Your LPDC is here to help you. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact any member of the committee.


Judy Hensley, Chair -

Shannon Cox -

Mark Pressley -

Bonita Terry -

Mandy Whitfield


Bonita Terry, Chair -

Hallie Greenfield: Specialist Staff -

Laura Jones: SST Staff -

Jeremy Joseph: Student Programs Supervisors -

Dena Shepard: Curriculum & Instruction Staff -

MCESC United Way Campaign 2017 ~


Last year, the MCESC United Way Donation was $10,028.00 with an additional $130.00 from the Regional Center's 'Friday Jeans Day' and the Keowee St. 'Chili Cook Off' for a total of $10,158.00!!!

By donating to United Way, you can support the causes you care about and make a positive impact on those around you all through a single contribution. United Way connects us all, providing real impact through quality programs, services, and initiatives. LIVE UNITED through your investment in the community and in the future, today!

When you give to United Way, your dollars stay in your community to help people who live in your community. Your generosity helps make the Dayton region a better place for us all. We help people learn, develop, hope, and live their best lives. Our goals is to make the Dayton region thrive in the areas of education, income and health that will advance the common good for all in our community.

This year's United Way Campaign will begin on October 23rd and run through November 3rd. Each MCESC location will have a UW Team Leader. Please listen and look for additional information at your location and give UNITED!

Montgomery County Educational Service Center

Our Mission

The Montgomery County Educational Service Center (ESC) supports a system for strong collaborative linkages of its major stakeholders: districts, educational providers, students, parents, and the public at large. Through these combined efforts, the ESC works actively to support the schools' continuous improvement processes by offering a broad range of quality services and programs. These cooperative efforts are designed to strengthen the capacity of the districts to achieve quality and cost-effective programs.