Ms. Gleason's Globetrotters

Weekly Newsletter for the Weeks of May 2nd - 13th

Busy Bees Down on the Farm!

Wow! These past 2 weeks have flown by! We are so busy down on the farm in first grade, we have hardly had much time for anything else.

As I'm sure you've heard from your little ones, we are creating our own farms and learning all about life on the farm. Last week, we began our unit by talking about what we already know about farms. Although our class knows quite a lot already, there's much more for us to learn.

This farm unit takes us through how to plan, build and pay for a working farm. Along the way, we learn about some of the different animals that live on the farm. Your little ones have to use their farm grid to buy land for their buildings and animals, budget and count money to pay for their materials and livestock for the farm, as well as write expository and poetic prose about each animal.

Last week, we began by planning for and adding our farmhouse, road, barn, silo and tractors to our farm. This week, we were introduced to our first animal on the farm, the goat. Your little ones did some amazing writing about goats and came up with some super alliterative poems! We will also begin working on adding sheep to the farm and learn about these awesome animals!

The kids did an amazing job with their CTP Standardized Testing this week. They were rock stars at navigating through the iPads and following instructions. I can tell that they worked hard and tried their best. Way to go first graders!

Coming up next week...

Next week will be a pretty quiet week. Monday, the 16th, will be the last day to participate in the Jamba Juice fundraiser. Rondo will be our star student next week. Next Friday's spirit day is Twin Day, your kids are invited to dress like they're friends, family or favorite staff member or teacher!

Star Student last week - Ronan!

Ronan was our star student last week. He did an amazing job as calendar helper, teaching us all about the viola and playing a few amazing songs for us and sharing his amazing photos and museum items with us! It was a great pleasure to have him on the Star Student Wall of Fame this week!

Derek is our Star Student This Week!

It was an amazing week for Derek as Star Student. He showed us his amazing Lego talents by displaying 2 amazing Star Wars Lego sets. There were some incredible photos of his to share from some fantastic, faraway places. Derek even taught us how to roller blade! It was awesome having him on the Wall of Fame this week! Next week, we look forward to learning more about Rondo.
Happy Mother's Day