Being Safe Online

By: Hannah Curtis


Being a cyberbully, is so not cool. Cyberbullying is just like bullying, just online. So treat others the way you want to be treated. If you want to hear rude comments, you say rude comments. But no one wants to hear rude comments so don't think them. Cyberbulling, is just like bullying. It's very uncool. And online everybody can see how uncool you are when you cyberbully. Because when you think you make someone look uncool, you really make yourself look really uncool. Cyberbulling can happen in almost any form. Texting, online domains, even over social media sites. When and if you ever get cyberbullied, keep a cool head, don't reply to the person. If it gets too out of hand, tell a trusted adult, and tell the website owner were the person was bulling you, and they can take care of it from there. If your a bystander, tell an adult and they can help with problem. You can also take action with the target. Remember if you think that you make others look uncool because you cyberbully, you just make yourself look uncool.

Online Safety Tips

Here are a couple tips that you should remember while you're online. Your online actions can equal real life consequences later in life. If it's not okay with a person in a video to post it online. Don't post it! It will safe your privacy, and your friendship later in life. If you find something funny, and you post it. Then later you think that you shouldn't have posted it. You can't take it back. So next time you should think before you post something. Avatars on games and sites, are just like people. Treat them the way you want to be treated. Because on the other side of the screen there is a person playing the game or on the site. If not everyone that you are chatting with needs to see a picture or video, then don't send it. . There are some apps, that have location based services. If you have an app that has that, turn it off. Because if you don't, you just gave away all of your contacts. And all of there private e-mails, everything they don't want to get out. These are some tips on how you can stay safe online, and how not to get into trouble while your online.

Think Before You Post Something. Do You Really Want Everyone To See It?

Privacy Settings

If you don't want to be a victim of cyberbullying, chain mail, or any inappropriate posts, you can find a way to turn on your privacy settings. If you find something inappropriate, tell an adult you trust, and tell the site director. Tell the adult and the site owner, where and when you saw the post. They can take care of from there. If you're on a social media site, limit your virtual friends that you know and have talked to in person for over 20 minutes. They don't have to be consecutive, but they have to know you. Other wise you meet people that you don't intend to meet. When you download any kind of app, you just gave away everything you know. App creators can hack your phone with out you knowing. They get access to your contacts, pictures, all of your data, everything, so know when you download an app, that it's an app you can trust.

Cyberbullying Is So Uncool. It Makes The Bully Look Uncool, Too.

Being Polite

Just because your online, that doesn't mean that you can't stop being polite. People online still like to hear please and thank you. If you don't want to yell or scream over texting or chats. Don't use bold lettering, all caps, and rows of exclamation points. You can still use them to get a point across. But if you don't want to yell don't use them as often.
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If You Follow...

If you follow these tips. They can help you stay safe online. No one wants a cyberbully, no one wants to see inappropriate things. So if you follow these tips, they can help you stay safe online.