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FMS 8th Grade Newsletter: December 7-11

Upcoming Information

  • December 7 - No School (Teacher PD Day)
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Unit Objective:

8RL1D: Using appropriate text, determine the theme(s) of a text and analyze its development over the course of a text; provide an objective summary of the text.

8RL1B: Determine the meaning of words and phrases

8SL2A: Speak audibly and to the point, using conventions of language as appropriate to task, purpose, and audience when presenting including appropriate volume, clear articulation, and accurate pronunciation at an understandable pace.

This Week in ELA:

*ALL WORK is posted in GC. Please check the Weekly Agenda to know exactly what to complete each day. Assignments are due each day.*

Monday- PD Day

Tuesday (12/8) - Cornell Note Taking Strategies and Listening Skills that will be turned in

Wednesday (12/9) - Listening Skills and Middle School Podcast Slides that need to be completed; Vocabulary Test

Thursday (12/10) - NWEA Testing: Reading

Friday (12/11) - NWEA Testing: Language Arts

Questions? Please email us.

Ms. Hickerson vhickerson@fulton58.org

Mrs. AuBuchon maubuchon@fulton58.org

Mrs. Cathey ecathey@fulton58.org


Students will be working on Exact Path, a program that is designed to help students who may struggle in certain areas or give enrichment to students who might be ready for more. Below is a link you can click on for resources.


All activities, assignments, and slides will be posted in Google Classroom. Practice Problems (PP) will be due the next day.

ELO 5: Solve linear equations.


Learning for the Week

This week students will continue their understanding of maintaining equality in solving linear equations.

Monday (12/7): No School

Tuesday (12/8): NWEA Testing

Wednesday (12/9): NWEA Testing; Lesson 4.6: Strategic Solving Independently

Thursday (12/10): Lesson 4.6: Strategic Solving; PP #2-3 (due Friday)

Friday (12/11): Lesson 4.7: All, Some, or No Solutions; PP #1-5, 8, 10 (due Monday); Cool Down L4.3 - 4.6 (turned in)

ELO 6: Solve systems of equations.


Learning for the Week

This week students will use solving equations to solve systems of equations.

Monday: No School

Tuesday: NWEA Testing

Wednesday: NWEA Testing; Equation Activity (Independently)

Thursday: Lesson 4.11-12: System of Equations (In-Class)

Friday: Lesson 13: Solving System of Equations; PP #1-2 (due Monday)

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your child's teacher.

Ms. Barkho - bbarkho@fulton58.org

Mr. Lorentzen - jlorentzen@fulton58.org

Mrs. Jacobs - csimon@fulton58.org

Mr. Wilbers - mwilbers@fulton58.org


This week in 8th grade science we will be starting on a new unit about Chemical and Physical Changes.

The unit objectives are:

Analyze and interpret data on the properties of substances before and after a reaction to determine if a chemical reaction has occurred.

Develop and use a model to describe mass is conserved during a chemical reaction.

Unit Vocabulary:

Physical property

Chemical property




Conservation of Mass

Evidence of a chemical reaction

Tuesday/Wednesday (12/8-9): Students will be learning about the difference between chemical and physical properties through an in-class activity.

Thursday/Friday (12/10-11): Students will be completing a series of stations in class where they will be collecting data. After we learn about the difference between chemical and physical changes, students will decide which stations were examples of chemical reactions

At home virtual learners--Science assignments/work will be posted each day to Google Classroom. Students should check Google Classroom every other day for science work.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email your child's science teacher:

Mr. Knipe--pknipe@fulton58.org

Mrs. Shrout---lshrout@fulton58.org

Social Studies

Week at a Glance:

  • Tues/Wed - Testing over Unit 9
  • Thurs/Fri - Introduction to political parties - Students will learn why people divide into parties. (In-Class)

Distance Learning: All students who are learning from home will be able to access these lessons on Google Classroom. They will be assigned and due the day the student has class. If there are questions, please feel free to contact your child's teacher.

Learning Target for the Week:

Identify and/or explain ways the Founding Fathers responded to challenges facing the new nation.

Key Terms & Events:

precedents, isolationism, cabinet, impressment, Neutrality Proclamation, Whiskey Rebellion, Farewell Address

Questions? Email your child's social studies teacher:

Lara Brunk - lbrunk@fulton58.org

Chris Crowson - ccrowson@fulton58.org

Patrick Reinkemeyer (Mr. Crowson's long term sub) - preinkemeyer@fulton58.org

Heather Yates - hyates@fulton58.org