T.V. & Cellphones aren't friends.

By: Ari Seals

Try something new!

Metal, glass, and plastic seems to attract almost every teen in this world. But for the past few years tweens/teenagers grades have been decreasing because of their homework not being turned in, the wrong information, the incorrect answers, or its incomplete, just because of mostly two things: a T.V. and a cellphone.

This might be because of one reason; they are distracted by a T.V. or their phone that keeps buzzing. This mostly happens to teens, but what they should do to help them not get distracted so easy is to turn off their phones or T.V. and hide the remote, or give the phone to a parent and the remote, and last just go to a place with nothing to distract or bother you. If you have a big test the next day and you want to study and get a good grade on it, don't let the T.V. or phone get in the way of it. If you do let it distract you from the review for your test, your more than likely not getting a good grade on it and then you get in trouble with your parents. Then you really won't get a privilege to have your phone or the T.V. at all.

Parents should limit their children on using cellphones and T.V., they are using it way too much. If someone when to a public area like the mall where there's a lot of people and walk around, probably every tween/teenager is most likely going to be on their phones. Kids should have fun, go outside with some friends instead of being in a dark room like a bat and wasting five hours of their time watching Television and being on their phones.

IT DAMAGES YOUR EYES! But its hard giving up something that you love. Teens and technology are like adults and cigarettes, it's not easy trying to give up something that you are always used to doing. It's a really big distraction, try limiting yourself sometimes so it won't affect you later in time.

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