Gifted & Talented

Myths Busted!

Gifted learners are NOT role models!

It's always assumed that there should be a mixture of learners in the classroom, but having gifted learners in a regular classroom does not challenge them.

Gifted learners need help and guidance just like everyone else!

Although gifted learners are more independent and incredibly smart, they need guidance just like everyone else. An example used: a talented football player still needs to learn techniques, plays, etc. Just like a talented athlete, a gifted learner needs a "coach" that guides them in their educational success.

Gifted learners have struggles like all of us!

Just because someone is gifted, they may struggle with a specific subject. Assumptions made on their learning abilities does not help guide them or challenge them. Educators must get to know their gifted learners to see what they excel at and what needs improvement.

How can a gifted learner adapt to a regular classroom if needed?

What are some ways to challenge gifted learners in a G/T class?

Action: Quit Assuming

The best thing I can do for my learners, all of my learners, at this point, is to quit assuming that those who are naturally talented in the classroom do not need extra help or can always be leaders in the classroom. They have a different learning style, so it is my job to guide and challenge them the best I know how.