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January Newsletter

Monthly Update

Dear Room 18 Parents and Guardians,

Happy New Year! I hope that you all had a relaxing, joyful, and fun-filled holiday break. I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the many gifts that I received during the holiday season. I am overwhelmed by your kindness, generosity, and thoughtfulness. The baked goods, scarves, gift certificates, personalized gifts, and holiday trinkets were completely unnecessary but greatly appreciated. I am one lucky teacher!

I am looking forward to a busy, exciting, and successful second half of fourth grade. As a class, we are reflecting on how we can improve our classroom community, challenge ourselves academically, and connect what we are learning to our interests and everyday lives. As always, we are working to make progress towards our fourth grade goals, both individually and as a class.

Before and after school clubs will begin on Monday January 12th. All club forms are due tomorrow (Monday January 5th). These clubs are an excellent way for students to become involved in extracurricular activities with their peers and teachers. There seems to be something for everyone! I hope that many of the students take advantage of these great opportunities!

At the end of this month, one of our Room 18 friends, Jack Preston, will be moving to Florida. We are all sad to see Jack go, but we know that we will stay in touch with him. We are going to make an address book for Jack so that he will have everyone's contact information (phone number, email, address, video game usernames, etc.). Maybe this will inspire some of us to start writing letters...we can dream, right! We wish Jack and the rest of the Preston family lots of luck and send well wishes as you start this new adventure!

Looking forward to continued growth, progress, and success in 2015!

Katie O'Neill

Academic Update

In January, we will...


-Complete Chapter 5, which focuses on multiplying, estimating, and rounding large numbers

-Learn multiple strategies for multiplying multi-digit numbers.

-Begin Chapter 6, which centers on the topics of division strategies, multiplication and division word problems, and measuring angles.

-Continue to develop and practice various problem-solving strategies.

Shared Reading:

-Read Odd Boy Out, Lou Gehrig: The Luckiest Man, and Peppe the Lamplighter.

-Read a variety of nonfiction articles from Scholastic News.

-Practice locating text evidence to describe characters, events, or settings in depth.

-Learn about the different types of nonfiction text structures.

-Learn about the different types of figurative language and practice identifying different examples and characteristics of each one.

-Focus on the skills of making inferences, summarizing, identifying main ideas, and describing characters.

Guided Reading and Centers:

- Continue to apply comprehension strategies to texts at students' individual instructional reading levels.

-Engage in literature circle discussions about small group texts.

-Practice identifying examples of figurative language and determining the meaning of these phrases.

-Practice vocabulary, grammar, reading, writing, and poetry skills by completing various literacy center activities and assignments.


-Complete Unit 7 and Unit 8

-Unit 7 Test will be on Friday 1/16

-Unit 8 Test will be on Friday 1/30


- Study the different types of verbs

-Learn about simple and progressive verb tenses

-Work with a variety of regular and irregular verbs


-Focus on expository (informative) writing

-Write informative pieces about various science-related topics

-Use prior knowledge and experiences to write informative pieces about games and activities of their choice

-Learn how to add details and examples to support and clarify the main topic or message in one's writing.

-Learn strategies for responding to open-ended and text-dependent analysis questions.


-Complete our study of the Scientific Process by learning about different ways to represent and analyze data collected during an experiment

-Study the connection between science and technology

-Begin our Animals Studies unit focusing on the connection between living and non-living organisms, ecosystems, food chains, habitats, and adaptations.

Upcoming January Events

Home and School Meeting

Wednesday, Jan. 7th, 7pm

468 East Thomson Avenue

Springfield, PA

Spirit Day: Spirit of Family

Friday, Jan. 9th, 8:45am

468 East Thomson Avenue

Springfield, PA

First Day of Clubs

Monday, Jan. 12th, 8:30am

468 East Thomson Avenue

Springfield, PA

Martin Luther King Jr Day- No School

Monday, Jan. 19th, 8:30am

468 East Thomson Avenue

Springfield, PA

Pictures from December Events