Good or Bad?

Fidel Castro Uncovered


Castro was a very active revolutionary and a candidate for the Parliament in 1952. He has a wide range of knowledge in the field of law and politics. Became specifically involved in public-interest law and often represented the poor free of charge. When in office, his plans focused on social reform in Cuba and strong economic reform. He was educated by the Jesuits and studied law at the University of Havana. He also studied Latin American revolutionary politics. Gained much support for nationalism, economic independence and social reform from an anti-communist group called the Partido Ortodoxo. Became increasingly interested in social justice and joined a coup against Trujillo. Joined the Partido Ortodoxo and became a disciple of Chibas who believed in social reform, economic independence, and nationalism.

Fidel Castro - Mini Bio

Words Without Actions

When Fidel Castro came into power he promised social reform, economic stability and nationalism for the people and he gained a lot of support from the lower class. Although Castros intentions were good his actions were not up to par. He never really fixed what he said he would and just became another violent dictator. He also put Cuba into a very bad position with the US. A nuclear war almost occurred and if it did Cuba would be up against one of the biggest superpower countries in the world. Even though Castro said he would fix Cuba, his actions did not match his words and he almost involved Cuba in a war that was probably to much for as small of a country Cuba is compared to the US.

Letter to Castro

Dear Castro,

When you came into power you promised us social reform and economic stability. I am still waiting for that. My family is not in a good place economically. You promised to help people like us and we gave you all the support in the world. Where are those reforms you promised us. You made us think that when you came to power that you would fix all these problems and now that you are here you have done nothing. You are a liar and I should have never fallen for your tricks, Cuba should not have fallen for your tricks. You can speak a lot of words but we want to see results and I have not seen that in you.



Essential Question

Was Fidel Castro have a beneficial or a negative impact on Cuba?