President Andrew Jackson

Hero or Zero? I Say Zero!

The Spoil System

President Jackson used something called the spoil system. He gives out some free goverment jobs just for people who supports him. Thats messed up! Some people work so hard to get a job that high up in the U.S. You just get a free job for supporting him as president. This isnt a good thing if your thinking about it.

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Nullification Crisis

The Nullification Crisis is where Jackson passed tariff's, a tax on imported goods. This made the south very poor. Mostly South Carolina. South Carolina were going to secede from the nation. That means they will no longer be part of the US. Jackson said if they go the military will get them. South Carolina stayed and they lowered the tariff a little.

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Trail of Tears

The trail of tears is the worst thing that Andrew Jackson has done. This is where Jackson heard that the Indians land and also heard they have gold there. The white men go into the Cherokees land and search for gold. When they were there they also found fertile soil. They forced the Indians off there land to march more than 800 miles. So many people died by diesiase, starvation, and other stuff. They finally made it to land but it wasnt the same.

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Poltical Cartoom

In this photo, the rats represent his cabinet members running away. He is trying to not step on his tail.

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Andrew Jackson: Most Terrifying Man Ever Elected President