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Coming up these last 2 weeks in Spanish...

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Semester Exam Time!

Spanish is a high school credit class and must have and end of semester (eos) and end of year (eoy) exam at each school. MISD's LOTE (Languages other than English) Department has created district wide assessments that are the same at the high schools and middle schools. Unfortunately, the middle schools do not have a testing schedule like the high schools and we have to split up our exam over the course of several days.

  • Speaking (20%): Yesterday, students took the speaking portion of the exam where they had to record themselves having a conversation with a prerecorded prompt.
  • Writing (30%): Monday (Dec. 15) students will have 20 mins to write over a given prompt. We will be reviewing for this on Friday.
  • Listening & Reading (50%): Wednesday & Thursday (Dec 17-18) the students will take a 100 multiple choice question exam. We'll start reviewing for this after Monday's writing test and all through Tuesday.

Progress Reports

Progress reports were passed out during 2nd period today. If your child is making a less than stellar grade, check HAC. Most of the low grades are due to students not turning in assignments, specifically the music warmups that we do in class. These can be made up during tutorials on Tuesdays & Thursdays.


I have changed the format of the music warmups. Many students have not been participating and are simply copying the answers from the front of the lyrics and aren't pushing themselves to learn the songs or even listen. Because of this, I am requiring the students to learn the song of the week for a quiz grade. Last Friday students took a quiz over Prince Royce's Corazón Sin Cara and, despite my advice to practice the song at home as well as school, there were quite a few low grades.

This week the song is by Luis Miguel: Santa Claus Llegó a la Ciudad. The quiz will be next Tuesday.

PRINCE ROYCE - Corazon Sin Cara (Official Video High Quality)
Luis Miguel - Santa Claus Llego A La Ciudad (Official Music Video)