First Grade Newsletter

October 26th-October 30th, 2015

Week Ten News!

Dear Parents,

Progress Reports:

Today your child's progress report grades will be posted online on the HAC. Please note that the progress report is a working document that will change each over the next three weeks to reflect your child's new knowledge and skills. This progress report is an excellent tool to help you and your child target specific areas of challenge and to celebrate in areas approaching proficiency.

It's Our Last Week Of Principal Appreciation Month!

Celebrate our SUPER Mr. Conklin and Mrs. Smith every Friday in October.

October 30th: Pick your biggest flower OR bring a SUPERsize candy to our Super Leaders!

Mr. Conklin's Favorites...
Heath Bars
Mountain Dew
Diet Dr. Pepper with cherry

Mrs. Smith's Favorites...
Natural Almonds
Any candy
Sweet Tea
Dr. Pepper


Homework and your child's leveled book is due every Friday. Please see that your child is self-assessing using the writing rubric before they turn in the writing assignment. Please have your child read his/her story to you and guide them on the rubric to see what elements they are including. Please see that your child is recording at least one book on his/her reading log each day. Please note that your child's book and pumpkin should be ready for display by Friday October 30th! See the Pumpkin Character below!

Character of the Month: Responsibility.

The children are working to be "True Blue" by focusing on ways they can be responsible at home, at school, and in their community:

"Do what you are supposed to do • Plan ahead • Persevere: keep on trying! • Always do your best • Use self-control • Be self-disciplined • Think before you act — consider the consequences • Be accountable for your words, actions, and attitudes • Set a good example for others."


We enjoy our First Grade Families having lunch here at Beck! Please be sure that your child and any guests stay seated with you during the lunch period and have your child throw away his/her trash when teachers begin dismissing students to line up. Thank you for all your support in keeping Beck “True Blue!”


The First Grade Team

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Learning Targets

A Learning Target is the desired goal of each task in which your child will actively be involved each day. In addition, it engages your child in reflective evaluation of their own performance.

Reading Workshop:

In Reading students are identifying similarities and differences between two texts.

Some activities you may want to try at home:

Asking Questions…

  • Who wants something in this story? (The character and problem)

  • Is this story not-fake(non-fiction) or fake (fiction)? How do you know?

  • Where is the story happening the most?

  • What does ________ do to get what he/she wanted? (Solution)

  • What predictions did you make about the story?

  • What good reader strategy do you use well?

  • Why do good readers check the picture and words within big words?

  • What words do you know that start or end with the difficult word?

Making Text Connections…

  • I like the part when (text evidence). It reminded me of (my connection.) OR I like the part when (text evidence). It reminded me of the story _______________ (second text) when (text evidence).


Word Study:
Reviewing short /e/.

This upcoming week in writing we are continuing with small moment stories and the writing process.

Some activities you may want to try at home:

  • Be sure to go over the writing rubric with your child. Have him/her complete one part each day. So day one asks your child to write the when/where/what/who? Have your child tell you 3 of those elements and have them write it.


We will continue representing tens and ones with two-digit numbers ending with and without zero.

Ways to help at home:

Have your child sort items into tens. Call each group of ten, "a group." If your child groups 3 groups of green Legos and has 4 left over, help them to see that that number is 34.


We apply different forces to objects in order to understand how an outside force works on an object. We will continue to learn about what force acts upon and object to make it zigzag, go up and down, back and forth, round and round, fast and slow.

How I can help at home:

Everything we contact ends up being moved or put back. The everyday activities, kicking the soccer ball, putting up a backpack or shoes, setting the table, brushing your teeth are relevant opportunities for your child.

Transportation Changes

To ensure your child's transportation changes are met each day, please contact the front office or email and CC your child's teacher with the changes. It would be best to notify us as early in the day as possible.

We Are True Blue

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