The American News Herald

Constitutional Period

Articles of Confideration

American political leaders, fearful of powerful central government like England's, created the Articles of Confederation. It had many weaknesses. It provided for a weak national government. It had no common currency. It did not give Congress any power to tax or regulate commerce among the states.


Federalist was the first political party in the U.S. Now they would be called Democrats. They advocated the importance of a strong central government. They did not want the Bill of Rights. They remained until the 1880s.


Anti-Federalist opposed the Federalist. Anti-Federalist are the Republicans of our times. They opposed the ratification of the Constitution. They wanted the Bill of Rights and would not agree to the Constitution without one. The Anti-Federalist feared an overly powerful central government destructive of the rights of individuals and the prerogatives of the states.