By Emily Ratliff


  • The original members of Journey came together in San Francisco in 1973 under the advisement of former Santana band manager Herbie Herbert.
  • The original band members were alumni from Santana: Neal Schon on lead guitar and Gregg Rolie on keyboards/ lead vocals and Frumious Bandersnatch alumni: Ross Valory on bass and rhythm guitarist George Tickner. Prarie Prince of the Tubes played the drums.
  • In 1977, Robert Fleischmann was both hired and fired as the lead vocalist.
  • In late 1977, Steve Perry was made the new official lead vocalist of Journey.

Rise to Fame

  • Journey's success as a band came soon after Steve Perry joined it.
  • Their fourth album Infinity reached #21 on the album charts which landed the band their first RIAA-Certified Platinum Album.
  • With this success, they released singles "Lights" and "Wheel in the Sky" which led to the creation of more successful singles and whole albums
  • The height of their popularity was in 1981 when their album Escape was released

  • Journey was nominated for three main awards during the the height of their career: Grammy Award for Best Pop Performance ("When You Love A Woman"), World Music Award for World's Best Album (Greatest Hits) and American Music Award for Favorite Pop/Rock Album (Escape).

After the Rise

  • In 1998 Steve Perry was replaced by Steve Augeri,
  • Who was replaced by Jeff Scott Soto,
  • Who was replaced by Arnel Pineda, who still leads the band today.

Hit Songs

"Don't Stop Believin'"

"Wheel in the Sky"


"Separate Ways"

"Any Way You Want It"

"Open Arms"

Top Albums

Greatest Hits





Arena Rock

  • Artists of this genre perform in large arena venues, particularly sports venues for concerts or tours.
  • Arena rock bands stem from the hard rock, heavy metal and progressive rock genres
  • Songs have a more commercially oriented and radio-friendly sound
  • Characterized by highly-produced music that includes both hard rock numbers and power ballads
Journey - Faithfully (Official Video)

"Faithfully" SHMRG

S-piano, main vocals, electric guitar, drum set, keyboard

H-piano, electric guitar, drum set, keyboard, bass

M- main vocals

R- slow, in 4

G-intro-verse 1-chorus- verse 2- chorus-bridge-outro


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