The Pirate Post

Mrs. Duer's Weekly Newsletter September 23, 2015

Weekly Update:

Wow! What a week! I apologize for my absence the past two days, hopefully we are back on track until baby Helen makes her arrival!

We still need to work on our behavior with substitutes, but luckily when I am on leave the substitute will have access to the Class Dojo and parent contact information!

I am pushing back some test dates due to my absence. We also finally took our retest on Canvas for Regions. If you would like to create your parent account for Canvas to see this assessment, you may follow directions on the website. I will be sending home more information on this at a later date!

As always, please let me know if you have any questions!

Upcoming Tests:

In this section you will find upcoming test dates.

9-29 Place Value Assessment

9-23 Water Feature's Assessment

10-2 Early Settler's of SC (May Change)

We will take our Language MAP test tomorrow.

Homework Outline

Each night your child will have homework in several subject areas. It is very important that they complete this practice at home, so that they can continue growing in their learning and you will be informed of curriculum.

Reading: Each night, your child will be asked to read for 20 minutes from a book of choice or their guided reading book. After they read, they will need to answer a reading log question based on that book. They need to answer in at least three sentences and make sure they pick a question from the correct column (fiction or nonfiction).

Word Study: We will begin word study within the next few weeks. Students will be asked to complete these assignments in their reading journal as well. Be on the lookout for this to start.

Math: Each night, your child will have math practice each night that will help them review what was covered in class. Once we have iPad access this assignment may turn into online practice.

Science and Social Studies: Most nights your child will be asked to study for Science and Social Studies in our current units. About 10 minutes should be spent on each subject. Be sure to watch for test dates in their agenda. Some nights they may have a review sheet to complete. I will also start electronically attaching Quizlets to emails and newsletters for them to use to study. When we have the iPads they will have access to a Quizlet app.


Students have access to our classroom Quizlet account on their iPads. If you would like to have an account at home please use the following link. I try to have a set for them to study for every Social Studies and Science unit. Currently there is a set up to help them study regions!

Scholastic Orders:

Our next order will be due October 15, 2015. Flyers will be sent home at the beginning of the month.


All students and parents must complete the iPad orientation this year. You also need to fill out the paperwork and send in the signature pages with your payment upon completing orientation. Hard copies will be sent home today with those students still missing paperwork! Students will be using these iPads for learning in the classroom, so it is very important that this is completed.

iPads will begin coming home with students who have paid the 35 dollar insurance fee will begin bringing iPads home Wednesday September 9th (Orientation must be completed as well).

All students will have access to iPads within the classroom.

Pirate's After School Program:

If you are interested in enrolling your child in this free after school program that focusses on reading skills, please use the following link to sign up. You can not register any other way. The program has already begun, there are still spots open.

Volunteers and Chaperones

If you wish to volunteer in the classroom or chaperone field trips this year please go to the website and sign up. Also, you are welcome to visit your child at lunch, but due to liability, coming to recess is not allowed.