Workplace Relationships

How To Make The Most Of Your Workplace

Communication is Key

Communication simply put is the process of a sender sending a message to a reciever. Communication is used to create mutual understanding in the workplace. Although this may sound easy, keeping in good communciation with other co-workers and your boss can be a tough skill to come upon. When the sender sends the message, there is hope that it will eventually be decoded by the reciever but noise can be a problem during this process. Noise is any interuptions in between Encoding and Decoding.

Benefits of Healthy Workplace Relationships

Since most of the time at work you will most likely be spending with people it's a good idea to get along. Even that sometimes you may not like certain employees it is important to treat them professionally and with respect at all times. Take responsibilty for new tasks that may open up at the workplace, Be accountable for the work that your boss has assigned, and empower those who are below you in the company. If everyone works like this the workplace will run much smoother, and be more productive.

Be Part of the Team, Lead Where There is a Need

Synergy is a big deal when working in a team setting. It is the extra boost of energy when the team is truly working together to get to the same goal. Teams, though similar to groups run a completely different way. A group runs with only one key leader a team on the other hand works from everyone taking leadership in certain parts of the project. A great way for a team to be successful is allow for every member to have an outlet for them to use their skills. Motivation is also key for a team or individual in the workplace, it comes from within and is the drive of those that wish to meet a need. The more motivation in the workplace the more needs and tasks in the workplace will be met.


Conflict can be a big problem in the workplace, it occurs when there is disareement or tension between two or more parties, whether that be groups or individuals.

Here are some quick tips you should always keep in mind when dealing with conflict:

1.Remain calm and unemotional

2.Be silent and listen

3.Try to see the disagreement from the other person's perspective

4.Explain your position and offer a solution

5.Come to a solution

No one will win in a conflict if both parties respond with anger you need to be able to work through it. When faced with conflict you always want to create a solution that both sides is happy with, this is called negotiation. Its very important for both sides to come to agreement to have a smooth operating workplace.