Stop Choking Yourself!

Help to stop pollution!

Every day, all kinds of pollutants are put in the air; car exhaust, smog, wood smoke, etc. At the rate we're going, we won't even get to true space travel before our own world dies on us! We are setting up our children and children's children to have to solve OUR mistakes! Most people don't even care. In today's society and economy, in the words of the current generation, "Ain't nobody got time for that!" Therefore, most won't go out of their way or pocketbook to attempt a change unless they've got a lot of money.
Right now, our world is spiraling to look like the picture above EVERYWHERE. That smog you see is actually very harmful to the respitory system, and can even cause cancer! And with toxic wastelands like that, we are destroying the beauty we find in nature.
Do we want our world to suffocate and die like the first picture or flourish and grow like in the second picture? Now you might be asking, "Well, what can we do? This is simply the way the world is. How can I, one individual, change it?" Well, start by switching out your lightbulbs and appliances to more energy/water saving altenatives, such as CFL's and Energy-Star approved appliances. Don't use as much electricity, making it to where the power company doesn't have to burn as much feul to give you power. Get your friends to go more eco-friendly, and have their friends do the same. In the words of the Jewish prayer, "Tikkun Olam", "One by one, we pray for peace. We can make a difference." We can all make a difference, no matter how small it may seem at first. So start today! Don't wait until the situation is critical, because by then, it will be too late. Remember, we CAN make a difference!