Childhood Obesity

What can we do to stop it?

How much does Obesity cost the government and you?

Obesity cost the US 190.2 billion dollars annually .Which 14 million is from child obesity alone . Which is 21% total of US health care costs. 105% is the total increase of medical costs for people who are obese compared to people who are not.

What childhood obesity causes

Health effects of childhood obesity-obese youth are more at risk for cardiovascular diseases such as high cholesterol or high blood pressure. they are also more likely to have pre-diabetes and More bone and joint problems, sleep apnea, social problems, sociological problems, stigmatism and low self-esteem. and are more likely to be obese adults where they will have adult diseases like type 2 diabetes heart disease and cancers.

Georgia's Campaign to stop Childhood obesity

"Chubby kids may not outlive their parents"

Stopping Childhood Obesity

In the last picture from Georgia's campaign Says "Chubby Kids may not outlive their parents." To stop childhood obesity we need to stop sugar coating it. The plan that I have decided will work within communities that are plagued with obesity. Communities like ones that are poorer and have more minorities have been noticed to have higher obesity rates. In this plan we will have a day scheduled at the community schools to have a day about living a healthy lifestyle and how to prevent and stop obesity. Later in the afternoon Formal invites will be delivered to the families and people living in these areas to attend a seminar about obesity, there will also be a brochure to tell about the effects of obesity and childhood obesity containing facts like that obese people pay 105% more health insurance than non obese families.