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Headline: Victory Against Persia!!!

Your fellow Athenian army defeated Persia yesterday! The unbeatable Athenian army ran off the defenseless Persians at Marathon. Many thought that our 10,000 soldiers couldn’t defeat Persia’s 25,000 man army. Well, I'd say they were wrong. Persia was no match for our compact phalanxes. Persia suffered a 6,000 man loss, which is large compared to our 200 casualties. Persia’s high and mighty army won’t be showing off any time soon. Athens should be proud of our victorious military force. Persia was a tough obstacle that we defeated with flying colors. Stay strong Athens and remember “Rejoice, we conquer.” -Nora Parker

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Headline: Man Dies After 26 Mile Run

Mr.Pheidippedes, a local postman, died today at 10:58 A.M. The man was running from Marathon to Athens bearing news of Athens victory. After his gallant run he soon collapsed and died. The cause of his death was believed to be a lack of rest. Mr. Pheidippedes last words were “We have won!”. He will be greatly missed. -Nora Parker

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Weekly Play Review

This week, I had the pleasure of attending the latest play of the playwright of the times, Euripides. Enjoying his earlier works, I was thrilled to be able to be present after reading the reviews of ‘Iphigenia in the Tauris'. Aristotle said, “One of my favorites. Glad I saw it.” This play was supposed to be a tragedy, however, I wouldn’t classify it as such. This play was more of a drama piece with a morose undertone, but certainly not a tragedy. In summary, Iphigenia, the sister of Orestes, daughter of Agamemnon, was to be sacrificed to the goddess Artemis by her father. Instead, Artemis saves her and takes her to the far away land of Tauris. Here, she is made high priestess of a temple dedicated to Artemis. She is bound by the grisly task of sacrificing any foreigner that wanders onto their land. Soon after, she starts having dreams that her brother, Orestes is dead. Orestes winds up coming to the island after a last act of penance has been given to him by Apollo after Orestes killed his mother. This act was to steal the statue of Artemis within the temple. Iphigenia is about to sacrifice him when she realizes they are siblings. She tells King Thoas that the foreigners must cleanse the statue in the sea to repay them for their lives, and this is how they escape. This play has been greatly praised by others for its beautiful portrayal of camaraderie through sibling love. I give this play four and a half stars. -Riley Humphreys

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Come Witness one of the Greatest boxing matches EVER! by: Gino Yu

Tuesday, April 22nd 464 at 3pm

Athens, Greece


Sports: Kallias Becomes First Athenian Periodos-Victor

Kallias has become a household name with his 12 game wins. This incredible athlete scored a victory at the Olympic games, twice at the Pythian games, once at the Panathenaic games, five times at the Isthmian games, and four times at the Nemean games. With wins at the four great games, he is Athens' first periodos-victor. In honor of this great accomplishment, a statue is being built of Kallias. The sculptor is Mikon a resident of Athens. When the statue is completed it can be seen in Olympia. By Nora Parker.

Sports: Panathenaic games start next week.

Your local athletic Olympics will be starting next Thursday. Come out and support your local villages. Tickets are available at the gate. Our teams have been established and we can’t wait to see them perform. See the schedule below for event dates.

Day one-Musical events

Day two-Wrestling and horse races

Day three-Local torch and boat races

Day four-Javelin throwing

Day five-Dancing

-Nora Parker


Today's Interview With THE Aristotle

Reporter: Today I will be interviewing THE greatest philosopher of all time,

Aristotle. Today's topics will be about many important topics like courage, education, and friendship.

Reporter: Hello Mr. Aristotle, it's a pleasure to meet you sir.

Aristotle: Nice to meet you too!

Reporter: Today's topics will be about love, education, and life.

Aristotle: Great! Let's begin.

Reporter: We will begin with the topic of education. What is the goal of getting an education?

Aristotle: The main goal of getting an education is to grow as a person mentally. Getting an education leads an individual to be in higher social classes which leads to respect. We live to be successful and getting an education is the first step to a successful life. The educated differ from the uneducated as much as the living from the dead.

Reporter: Wow, very interesting. Our next topic will be about courage. How important is courage for an individual?

Aristotle: An individual will never do anything in this world without courage. It is the greatest quality of the mind next to honor. Courage is a state of mind that can and will take an individual far in life.

Reporter: Last question, I promise. What defines the perfect friendship?

Aristotle: A perfect friendship is the friendship of men who are good, and alike in excellence; for these wish well alike to each other qua good, and they are good in themselves.

Reporter: Your answers were quite stunning and it was truly an honor to interview you today. Thank you for your precious time and I hope to meet you some time again!

Aristotle: It was a pleasure speaking to you today as well and I appreciate your time as well!

Gino Yu

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Javelin Hurling Next Week!

Monday, May 16th 450 at 11:15am-11pm

Athens, Greece

Join us for another pentathlon event! The throwing of the javelins! This event will be followed later in the week by discus, sprinting, wrestling, and long jump.
By: Riley H.

Jack Russell

Gossip: Alexander the Great

I think his title others gave him is appropriate because of his accomplishments he made. He truly is "Great". But that's not the only title he had. He was also the "King of Macedonia", the "Pharaoh of Egypt", the "King of Persia", and incredibly, the "King of Asia". It amazes me how he conquered all of these cities, countries, and even a continent! If I had to find ONE bad thing about him, it would be that he didn't conquer enough states. In my opinion, Alexander really was "Great"!


If there was anyone as good as Alexander the Great, it would be Archimedes. He truly was tremendous. He was known as the best mathematician in Greece. He's so good that we still use his techniques to this day. He has also invented the Archimedes Principle, the Archimedes Screw, the Claw of Archimedes, and the Heat Ray. To me, Archimedes was the most brilliant man in Ancient Greece.

Jack Russell