3L Weekly News

Week Ending September 19, 2014

This week in….

Reading: this week we continued to practice and reflect on our “Read to Self” abilities. This week we did a fabulous job working on our reading stamina. In addition, we demonstrated our thinking while reading by noting connections, predictions, or questions we had to the text. Our final activity was learning how to work in groups to discuss, or "buzz" about our thinking. The students of 3L did a FABULOUS job listening to each other’s thoughts!

Math: this week we continued to review 2nd grade concepts and had our first timed addition assessment. This week we focused on using number grids to find differences, the probability of an event occurring, and reading/interpreting graphs. We continued to work on practicing addition and subtraction facts, measuring, ordering numbers from largest to smallest, and solving word problems using Math Boxes.

Social Studies: we began discussing what a community is and what makes Haddonfield special as an introduction to our first unit on Communities.

Writing: we began typing our I Am poems and wrote thank you notes to the Haddonfield Rotarians. Students learned the basics of a letter: date, letter, body, closing, and signature.

Science: we began preparing our upcoming Plant Unit by identifying what we know and want to know about plants. We certainly have an inquisitive class!

Handwriting: we practiced how to hold a pencil and turning paper appropriately. Additionally, we learned the first fundamental letter: the cursive c. This letter is the basis for many other letters in the Handwriting Without Tears curriculum.

Check This Out!

1. Making Change/Counting Money: **GREAT to review for upcoming lessons!!!**

2. Telling Time

3. Scholastic Book Order (Due September 26, 2014)


  • Please sign your child's planner each night!
  • Please review your child’s homework. If your child has difficulty on homework, please write a note on their homework or circle the problems that were troublesome.
  • Reading logs are to be completed when a child finishes a book.

Typing Agent:

  • On Thursday, students were introduced to our new typing program called Typing Agent. Your child's username and password is taped into the front of his/her planner. The website is on my eBoard under the Technology tab.

A Word from Third Explanation:

  • Each week, students are welcome to comment about something they enjoyed or learned from class. This will be part of our weekly newsletter and will be called A Word from Third. The comments must be a minimum of two sentences and submitted through the iNotes on my eBoard under A Word from Third Tab. All submissions are due by Friday morning. This is an optional activity students may take part in, but it is a great way for students practice their writing skills and reflect on their school week. Student’s comments will appear as shown on the attachment.

Box Tops:

  • If you have any box tops, 3L would be happy to submit them with our class collection!

Homework Access:
  • If students forget their Journeys Textbook, it can be accessed through think central.com. Students have logins and passwords in the front of their Agendas. EDM Home Links can be accessed through everydaymathonline.com. The login information is also in the front of your child's planner book. My eBoard has additional information on logging in under the Language Arts and Math tabs.

Important Dates for 3L

Happy Birthday to:

  • Kathryn and Kevin
  • Please check our eBoard and contact me if your child would like to celebrate his/her birthday in school.

Poet of the Week:

  • Tess S.: Friday, September 26th

  • Poems must be submitted for teacher approval before a student presents!!

Star of the Week:

  • Kathryn: Monday, September 29th

Guest Reader:

  • Schedule is in the process of being made

*Click the link below to my eBoard for additional details!


Central Events

September 25, 2014: NO SCHOOL

September 26, 2014: Scholastic Book Order DUE!

October 1, 2014: PAC Meeting 3:10 p.m.

October 3, 2014: CS Spirit Day

October 9, 2014: CS PTA Meeting 3:10 p.m.

October 10, 2014: Picture Day

October 16, 2014: Parent Visitation 9-11 and 1-2:30

October 17, 2014: Parent Visitation 9-11 and 1-2:30

October 23, 2014: Fashion Show @ Tavistock 6:30 p.m.

October 31, 2014: CS Halloween Parade 1:45 p.m.

Specials This Week:

Monday is a Day 2:

  • Gym and Library

Tuesday is a Day 3:

  • Art

Wednesday is a Day 4:

  • Spanish



Friday is a Day 6:

  • Gym

A Word from Third

none at this time.

Important Documents

**will be attached when necessary