The Patriot

The Patriot

This Movie, staring Mel Gibson as Benjamin Martin, is about a farmer who joins the Revolutionary army to fight the Red Coats (The British). The British threaten to take his farm and they do take his slaves. The slaves are not happy to leave because Benjamin takes good care of them and treat them like family, which is not realistic because no slave owner would treat his slaves the way he did. He then takes down a group of red coats with his two sons who are under the age of 12, resulting in the greatest scene in the movie. This movie shows the affects the war had on just one family. Benjamin's wife dies, he then marries her sister, his seven year old daughter won't talk to him, until he is leaving to go to war, and she is telling him to not go.

Why won't you just give me freedom bro?

The movie takes place during the revolutionary war. The 13 original colonies were fighting the British because the 13 original colonies wanted #freedom and to become independent but the British disagreed and starting being unfair the people by taxes, having to house soldiers, and many of the residents took action just like Benjamin Martin, who joined in.
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"Aim small, miss small." -Benjamin Martin

"Freedom!!!" - Benjamin Martin