The Holocaust

Discriminated People

By Ashley H. and Cassia L.

Holocaust-What groups were discriminated against?

How do you think you would have felt if you were in the holocaust and were about to get killed by the Nazis?????

Please let us know by raising your hand for us while we're presenting and we'll call on you . Also raise your hand if you have any questions....... Thank you for your input.

Let us start with explaining what the holocaust was.......

The holocaust was a time when Hitler decided that Jews, The disabled, colored people, and many more were superior to him. He thought that if he killed them that he would then be the conqueror of the WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!! (CRAZY MAN)

Have you ever felt like you've ruled something?

Well he sure did, and a little too much of it...... He was an insane man.......

This is Adolf Hitler.

Big image

He is in the front of all of his followers and some prisoners.

A list of discriminated groups.

  • Jews
  • people with colored skin
  • People with disabilities
  • ect.

This picture is a group of Gypsy prisoners in the holocaust

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A list on why & how each group was killed.

Each group had to be killed because of Hitler's craziness for his love of being conqueror.

This is some of the ways they could have been killed:

  • Gas tank (toxic gas)
  • hunger
  • shot
  • worked to death
  • head chopped off
  • any way really

Here is a video on a holocaust memorial. In this video, a women from the holocaust speaks out about how it was and how it felt .