Kush Kingdom

Grace and da crazy girl, Kaylee

Summary/ Infomation

The Nubians lived in Kush for about 2350 years. They lived in houses made of sun dried mud bricks. They worshiped many of the same gods of Egypt. Nubian developed their own system of writing called Meroitic. They also were great potters. Kerma was the first city of Kush. Kerma had become the capital of Kush. They hit a golden age in about 280bc. They used Pyramids to bury people. The Nubians did not mummifiy the people. The golden age fell when their buildings crumpled, art work was stolen and their priests stopped writing. The Kush culture was gone, and knowbody knows where they had gone.

What do these words mean?

Excavation: A hole or cavity made by a machine,dug to make a hole.

Prospered: To be successful or fortunate mainly in money gain.
Descendants: A person or animal that has died and you are related to them.

Quesetions to think about!

1. Why do we know so much more about ancient?

Egypt wrote down everything that had happened and the buildings were left standing.

2. Why was Meroe a good choice to be the capital city of Kush?

Meroe was a good choice beacuse it was the only city in the golden age.

3. What special skills made the Nubians so admirable?

There skills in pottery and there use in metals.

4.Do you think it is important to study and preserve remains of ancient cultures such as Kush? Explain your answer.

Yes I think that they should save it beacuse you can learn about what had happened and in back year ago.

5. Compare the anciant kingdom of Kush with another ancient culture you have read.

Grace and Kaylee

Grace: Blonde hair, blue eyes, and needs braces.

Kaylee: Brunnett, hazle eyes, and has cute earings.