Connor Hole

Basic Plot

Matt, is a six year-old boy, and he is kidnapped by this father Denny; who Matt had never met before. Though he has always dreamed of meeting him, nothing is the way he thought it would be. Given his father is only using Matt to impress his sister who often brags about her two well-raised sons. Denny has taken the family dog, Pookie, and then dropped him off at the park. With little clues for Matt's mother and the police, how will they bring Matt back home?

Main Characters

Matt- Is the young boy who is the main character

Bonnie- Matt's sister

Denny- Matt's father (who he doesnt know about)

Pookie- Matt's dog

Mrs. Sholter- Matt's mother

Officer Calvin- Police officer that helps to find Matt


The theme of the book is to not talk to strangers. As Matt struggles to overcome believing the stranger. The story teaches us to not believe/talk to strangers.


The conflict of this book is that Matt gets taken by his father at his school durng a passing period, and Bonnie, Mrs. Sholter and the police tries to look for him and connot find him.

Actors that i would cast

  • Taylor Lautner
  • Lilly Collins
  • Maria Bello
  • Morgan Freeman
  • Devonta Freeman

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Recommended this book

This is an amazing book to read, it is a action and suspensful book! i highly recommend this book to anyone that who loves mysteries.