To: Dr. Brad Herzog

From : Dr. Jhon

Date: October 17, 2013

Problem Analysis Report

The problem I would like to address is nothing else than highlighted problem of obesity in the states. This problem is more or less a concern of whole world. However, the USA is facing serious after effects of this. There are highlighted states with major obesity rate. Michigan schools are implementing policies to deal with it.

Obesity rate

The obesity rate is increasing here leading to an increase in the health cost as well. Michigan University of technology is taking special concerns as a healthy nutrient is directly related with the good efficient output. American children are too much obese as compare to children of other countries; the reason is evident and clear. Intake of excessive calories is a way to obesity.

School Health

A school health coordinator is the one who manages all health policies of school. Besides Michigan there are Texas, North Carolina and other states where strict food policies in schools are implementing. There is school health index introduced by the university.

School Health Index

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Problem Analysis Report , Growing Problem of Obesity in the States

Hassan Aldubaisi

RPW 300

October 17, 2013