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June 2015 Edition

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Summer is here and it’s time to celebrate a very successful school year! We have an outstanding STEM team and you all deserve some time to unwind, relax and enjoy all that the summer has to offer!

Check out these fun summer plans!!!

Teachers of Coltrane Webb STEM Elementary

  • Allison Smith- AIG -"Going to Wrightsville Beach to meet my new nephew!!! Going to Williamsburg, VA where we will be riding roller coasters at Busch Gardens with my little daredevil"!
  • Mary Phillips -media "I am traveling to Beijing and Tokyo for my 25th wedding anniversary".
  • Martha Smith- 2nd grade -"Exploring the wonders of Charleston and its beaches"!
  • Lara Cabaniss- STEM Coach "Starting my summer at Disney World and ending with a week in the Big Apple"!

Teachers of Patriots STEM Elementary

  • Heather Drye will be teaching some STEM classes at Charlotte Motor Speedway
  • Julie Phillips is surprising her two girls with a vacation. She will also be getting her littlest girl packed and ready for UNC Chapel Hill
  • Megan Charlton isHeaded to the beach with family – 20 people: 1 house
  • Jill Staton: Late July is having a class reunion with her students from this school year.

Teachers of JN FRIES STEM Magnet Middle School

  • Lindsay - Billy joel concert
  • Zellonis - NY fishing and family, college visits
  • Larkin - Moving
  • Merrell - New house, learn how to use an MRI machine
  • Williard - Planning a wedding, going to beach
  • Mcnutt - National park out west hopping
  • Bernard - PJs bball
  • Wiggins - Baby
  • Torres - NASA Stemersion beach
  • Epperson - Starting grad school
  • Black - Stemersion beach
  • LaRoche - Remodeling
  • Gladin - DC, decorating
  • Clark - Prague
  • Barney - Moving
  • Szymanski - Beach

Teachers of Central Cabarrus High School STEM

  • Allison Hahn - "This summer, I will be traveling to Singapore for 10 days in July with the Center of International Understanding and a group of 40 educators from throughout NC. There will be a focus on STEM education and the "Singapore math" approach to teaching. I'm looking to the adventure!"
  • Emily Batson - "I'm really looking forward to networking with local businesses at STEMmersion this summer! It will be so nice to be taught and see STEM in action."
  • Hillary Bowlin - "I'm looking forward to honing my knowledge and skills about my program area at the CTE Summer Conference in July!"
  • Bethany Gregory - “I will be working with teenagers at this year’s NASA camp and helping them build a moon station. Can’t wait to see their creative ideas.”
  • Caitlyn Fargione- "I am going to the Mathematics Education Leadership Institute at Appalachian State for a week of training on integrating technology into mathematics instruction!"
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CCHS STEM and CWES Learn Together

The AP Environmental class read the to the 1st grade classes at CWES the Lorax, did a discussion with them and then took them outside to plant flowers to take home. CCHS Juniors did small activities with 2nd and 3rd grade classes.

STEM Awards Show

2015 STEM Broadcast Awards

Congratulations to the WTVI PBS Charlotte 2015 STEM Award Winners. If you missed the broadcast, please see link and share with friends, family and other colleagues. In particular check out the Energy and Information Technology Awards (at minutes 11 and 22)! Great job to Jacob Smith of JN Fries and Matthew Foulks of CCHS!

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Fries Family Fun Festival!!!

Thank you JNFries for a wonderful community event!

Chromebook Support Site

We have such talented and supportive technology facilitators! Thank you Erica Williard and Ashley Short for creating this support site for Chromebooks. Hope you all find is helpful and useful!

STEM PBL Database and Teacher Collaboration

PBL Database

Want access to some of the best PBL's from our pipeline? Look no further than Schoology! We have compiled and will continue to add more and more PBL's to our database. To check it out follow the directions below:

  • You must have an account with Schoology (talk with your TF if you do not have this)
  • Go to
  • From your home screen you can go to Groups
  • When the drop down screen appears, click "Join"
  • An access code box will appear and you can enter the code: W334X-TRS99
  • Once you are a part of the CCS STEM Group select Resources
  • Search in the folders for the corresponding grades

Teacher Collaboration

We would all LOVE more time to collaborate, but of course we have many barriers that keep up from getting together as much as we would like. That is why a Schoology group has been created to reach each other virtually.

To access the group:

  • You must have an account with Schoology (talk with your TF if you do not have this)
  • Go to
  • From your home screen you can go to Groups
  • When the drop down screen appears, click "Join"
  • An access code box will appear and you can enter the code: W334X-TRS99

Upcoming Events


6th - Science Olympiad-It’s Elementary! Regional Tournament

17th - STEM Curriculum Writing

18th - STEM Curriculum Writing

22-July 2 - STEM NASA Summer Camp


6-10 - STEMersion


3rd - STEM Curriculum Writing

4th - STEM Curriculum Writing

STEM Directory

Please check it out here...

Contact Information

Please contact Bridget Jones with any comments or questions.