South Carolina

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Farmer's Paradise

When the original settlers arrived at Charlestown in 1670, they found a farmer's paradise the area had a subtropical climate, fertile soil and a growing season of up to 295 days a year. This is the perfect storm for a farming society, fueled by slaved labor to flourish.

Starting out with slavery

South Carolina was formed as a proprietary colony. This is a very prosperous territory because from the beginning we have imported slaves. It is important that we have the labor of African slaves to help cultivate our newly discovered staple crop and our biggest export, rice. Rice grows best in marshy ground and swamps, and its cultivation is peculiarly destructive to human life. White men can't endure the harsh conditions of the rice swamps, even African slaves have a high death rate. It's a good thing that 70% of our population consists of slaves that can be purchased for 40 pounds. Most of the strong black male slaves can earn more than 40 pounds in one year. Our biggest asset is our biggest setback. Though we are in America, our colony resembles the Caribbean islands. This is why we need you to join us here in South Carolina where the growing season is 295 days out of the year. When you travel here be cautious of the Yamasee Native Americans. We had a small skirmish with them a few years ago that killed 400 citizens. We have recovered from that and are ready to have you join us!

Research was taken from 'Of the People' and

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