Volcano Safety

How to be safe during a Volcano eruption. Yolber Rojas

What is a Volcano?

A volcano is a vent or chimney which transfers molten rock known as magma from depth to the Earth's surface. Volcanoes happen along divergent or convergent plate boundaries and in few cases at hot spots, such as Hawaii. There are three types of volcanoes, composite, caldera, and shield volcanoes.

How do Volcanoes erupt

The size of the eruption of the volcano depends on the type of magma that is going to be erupted. If it is think and sticky it is hard for gases to escape which builds up pressure until it explodes violently. If it is thin and runny it will flow put side of the volcano causing a less violent explosion, however it causes lava flows that destroy everything in their path.

Destruction done by Volcano eruptions

How to prepare before a volcanic eruption

1. Build an emergency supply kit, it needs to include water, food that can't get ruined, batteries, radio, and flash lights.

2. Set up a Family Emergency Plan because when the explosion occurs your family might not be together.

How to stay safe

1. Evacuate only is recommended by the authorities.

2. Close every thing , doors, windows, chimneys.

3. Turn off A/C or heating or any fans.

4. Make sure that you are wearing long sleeved shirts and pants for safety.

5. Use goggles and glasses for protecting and an emergency mask.

What to do after the eruption has occurred

1. If you feel that it is unsafe to stay in your house after the eruption go to the nearest public shelter.

2. For information check the NOAA Weather radio or check the internet for any official information.