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How To React When You’re Offered Drugs

Have you ever been offered something you’re not supposed to have like Drugs, Alcohol, or Tobacco? If you are offered any of those the say “no.” and and tell them a good reason like “My mom or dad will kill me!”. Now if you’re offered one, two, or three of those say “no.” then change the subject. You also can say “no.” then simply walk away.

Effects of Tobacco

There are many harmful things that tobacco can do to you, and different types of tobacco use. I will compare and contrast smoking tobacco and chewing tobacco. Smoking tobacco can cause heart disease, and lung cancer. Also the nicotine is absorbed through your bloodstream. Chewing tobacco can give you mouth cancer, and oral disease. This way nicotine is absorbed through your mouth. Both of them have nicotine in them which causes blood vessels to tighten up therefore decreasing nutrients flowing to wounds.
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How to React to Bullying

I bet you or someone you know has been bullied. This paragraph will tell you how to react to bullying. If you’re friend is being bullied the tell an adult that you and your friend knows. If you’re being bullied and you’re too afraid to tell an adult then ignore the bully make them bored of bullying you. If you or your friend is being cyber bullied (Which is a crime.) then report their username to the police.


Alcohol:A drinkable substance that harms the brain, parts of the brain that controls movement,and the liver. Tobacco:A plant in the Nightshade family, and is native to tropical America. Chewing Tobacco:A way to use tobacco. Smoking Tobacco:Another way of tobacco use