MARCH 16-20


March 24 Student observer from TWU will be with us all day again (best behavior)

March 27 Early Release kids out at 12:30

March 28 3:00 Starfest

March 30-31 STAAR testing, I will be administering the 4th grade writing test, Mrs. Williamson will be my substitute

April 2-3 No School (teachers on duty 4/2, all off on 4/3)

April 10 my daughter Katie is having her wisdom teeth out, my sub will be Mrs. Joseph

April 18 OSE PTA movie night

April 21-22 STAAR testing again (not sure my role or sub yet)

April 30 Dia for Children (more information coming)

May 1 Field Day

May 12 Field Trip to Fort Worth Science Museum and IMAX (I need 5 chaperones, anyone else can meet us there and enjoy)

May 22 Bad weather make up day--We will have school

May 25 Memorial Day no school

May 28 2nd Grade Musical Program

June 3 2nd Grade end of year party 1:45

June 5 Bad weather make up day-We will have school

And that is the whole rest of the YEAR! People, can you believe this?? I am so sad! It is going WAY TOO FAST!!!

It was a very fast and furious week. I had a great note from the sub on Monday. The kids are so great! It was fun having our student observer on Wednesday. She jumped right in and helped out between taking notes. Open House was a great success. I loved seeing all of you and getting to hug your necks! It was a good turn out and a lovely evening.

We really enjoyed having Anya's daddy as our Mystery Reader. It was so fun! They even begged for him to read some of the books more than once. Thank you for taking time to come read to the class!

The class got to go see the 5th graders doing their Living Revolutionary War Museum. It was so fun and informative. Keep that filed away in your brain because in a few years you will be purchasing/making/creating a costume and you might want to keep your eyes open for ones that former 5th graders are selling. Just a thought.

On that note, we will be launching a big fairy tale/folk tale unit after Easter holiday. We hope to have a special royal tea in the library towards the end of the unit. The kids will be asked to dress up as a fairy tale character. Traditionally the kids have dressed as princes and princesses. No weapons other than a nerd type sword that is in a holster. A great place to look for this type of outfit is Once Upon a Child. It can be very simple and homemade, it can be whatever you want it to be. It can be a tinfoil crown. Start thinking about it and keep your eye out for something that will work. I know I have lots of boys that might not "love" this dress day, butI hope to talk it up and make it seem really cool. It will be a fun and treasured memory for us all. More details to come.

Starfest is this coming Saturday. I know HOURS and HOURS of work have gone in to preparing for this. The auction alone has been a huge labor of love by our own Mrs. Stewart. Please check out all of the great things up for auction. This is a huge fund raiser for the school and you will not want to miss out on the AMAZING things there are up for auction. I have 2 items for bidding on. 1) A pizza/luau lunch on the stage during 2nd grade lunch time 2) Mrs. Clark and I are giving offering a science themed party including experiments, snacks and fun for 10 kids. Hope to see you at the Starfest and to see my class be some BIG winners at the auction.

We still have alot of learning to do. I will be keeping them busy right up until the very end. Please keep reading at home, doing the timed readings for fluency and comprehension practice, getting on FASTMATH, getting Education Galaxy and working through the math and reading portions, getting on and working on coding, and just all around being well rested and ready for school. I know that spring sports have started up. In years past I have had kiddos literally fall asleep in class because they had late night games. Please help me out. I try to help you by making homework simple, flexible and minimal.

Thanks and have a great week!

April McGhee


Math- We have been working on multiplication and division. We will be taking the test for it on Tuesday or Wednesday. The hardest part has been learning the language for these problems in a word problem. Money is coming up and the kids will have to count and add mixed coins. Please dump out the change on the kitchen table and practice counting. We will learn to add and subtract the amounts using a decimal point. It is hard, and it will take your help at home to practice and master this. I am still giving them regular addition and subtraction regrouping problems so they better have this down by June, :).

Reading-We read a biography about Helen Keller. We watched a video about her life too. The kids were fascinated by her story and had lots of questions. We did some focusing on finding the"main idea" and "supporting details" to a story or passage. This is tricky and we will be practicing it a lot more. We are still reading Paddington as our read aloud and have fallen in love with this silly bear. I haven't seen the movie. Anyone have info to share about it?

Science-We began studying natural resources. We watched a short video about all the different types there are. We will focus in on renewable and nonrenewable this week.

Spelling-We will have a spelling test this week. The 3 day week before Easter we will not. The following week (4/6) I am going to change it up. I am not happy with how many high frequency words the kids are still mispelling. So...we are going to do it different. The 10 main words are going to be high frequency words and the 5 other words are going to be off of their word sorts with the Words Their Way program the district requires. They will still do their sorting and practing at school. I will continue to take a grade on the word sorts at school on Fridays. Their lists may be more challenging because high frequency words do not following typical spelling rules. I feel this is a necessary change and I would rather they spell BECAUSE correctly than memorize a pattern. Both are important, but the high frequency words are a necessity for them to be better writers and readers.