Party Decor and Photography

Bespoke party decor and photography to suit your needs.

At Fairytale Party Decor and Photography, we have one basic philosophy, which we follow religiously: life is to be celebrated.
People's whims and fantasies should be indulged. Make-believe and fantasy could be real; if only for a day.
And that's where our paths cross. You dream. We create. The perfect party; the perfect ambiance; the perfect photo; frozen in time, for eternity. From our whimsical, magical world to yours, we provide you the backdrop, props, ambiance and memories you need to make your day the one you've been dreaming of.
Created by Muby Astruc, Fairytale Party Decor and Photography is the result of myriad dreams come true.

All you have to do is log on to: https://www.facebook.com/fairytalepartydecorandphotography

Visit us at Family's Day Out at Times Square Center on March 21

On Mother's Day, visit Fairytale Party Decor and Photography for special decorations, crafts and unique hand-made gifts, for the mothers in your life.

Whether you want to create a mother's day picnic, brunch, family get-together, or just a very special photoshoot, Fairty Party Decor and Photography is here to stand by you, while you make a mother's wildest dreams come true.

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