Why do bugs go to light?

By:Olivia Pierre-Louis

Why do they do this

Scientists have many reasons why bugs go to light but I am putting just one in my project. Bugs are phototaxis which means that they find their way by following light. There are 2 types of phototaxis Postitve and Negative, and I will show you both.

Postitve Phototaxis

This is where bugs move toward the light to find there source of direction.many bugs/insects (misquotes don't do this for some reason) do this by using a natural light source such as the sun or the moon, but if the bug is in a city environment then that's when they find artificial light.this man-made light source sends light rays in all directions which results in the bug following the the light source which is going in all directions.Unfortunately that's when they meet bug zappers.
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Bug zappers are dangerous in the bug world but to us humans it doesn't bother us. Let's take a moment to visualize what it would be like to encounter a bug zapper and we are bugs, "You are fly around in the night sky trying to find your way back to your home but all of a sudden you see a hypnotic blue light you can't help but move toward the light by the time you get close a blue spark of electricity shocks you to death now you'll never get home, and to make matters worse a human child hovers there foot over you death insect body and steps on you.".

Negative phototaxis

This is when bugs move away from the lightbugs such as cockroaches and earthworms.So they are not seen.


Here is a video that might clarify even more.
Why are bugs attracted to light? - Smarter Every Day 103
Why Are Bugs Attracted to Light?

Try it

You can do this at home(during nightime)

  1. turn off all lights
  2. set up main light source
  3. wait and watch as bugs scramble toward the light
  4. record how many bugs came to the light,what type of bugs came, and do you think the bugs where confused.

WARNING ⚠: I do not recommend if you are terrified of bugs.

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