DC learns about Individuality

By Jacqueline Ito

Discovery college students learn about how to be an individual

Individuality : Individuality is someone's characteristic or personality that makes them stand out from everyone eles. Stargirl teaches DC students how to be an individual because it is sometimes better to be an individual and for some people not to accept that, than be exactly like everyone eles, just another person in a huge school. This shows that DC students should try not to conform as much as they do, and find a way to show their individuality in other ways.

Stargirl shows her individuality in many ways, this is one of them, "She wore an off-white dress so long it covered her shoes. It had ruffles around the neck and cuffs and looked like it could have been her great-grandmother's wedding gown."(Spinelli, 2000, p.4). This shows that when she wears this, she shows that she wants to be different from her peers and to do that she took a risk of doing something no one has ever done before at her school.

Wearing a wedding dress to Discovery college might not be efficient, but there are other ways to show your individuality, such as joining something you have never tried before.

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Stargirl shows that a student's individuality can influence others

Stargirl is different and unusual, but some people at her school, (Mica High School), come to hate her individuality. But later on Stargirl's peers remember how Stargirl used to amaze and delight them, they come to love how different Stargirl's behavior is, and it influences them to do the same. This quote discribes that, "At every game, when the opposing team scores it's first basket, a small group of Electrons fans jump to its feet and cheers.". This is one of the things Stargirl used to do and one of the things her peers hated. Stargirl has influenced her peers to do the same and to show their individuality, even if people hate it the first time they see it.
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