Library Book Return


A Message from Our Library

Hello Readers!

I hope you have been enjoying your books. Sadly it is now time to return them. We are starting a new project in the library. It's called genrefication. It is where we will be putting the books on the shelves by "genre". So when you go to search for your favorite types of stories they will be easier to find by which genre they are in, for example, Fantasy books in one area, Historical fiction, and Mystery books in another area. We need your help getting all of the books back so we can have the library ready for you in the fall.

Here are some options for book turn in.

You may drop your books off here at the school during school hours. There are book bins right outside the district office door

Ms. Holly will be at the park and ride on the following days for drop off:

Wed May 20th at 8am


Thurs May 21 at 5:30

If you are receiving food delivery, you may give them to the delivery driver on Monday.

Any questions please feel free to email Miss Holly at

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