The Roar

By- Lauren Hayes

Setting, Author, and Summary

The setting of The Roar is in a few different places. It is in the Golden Turrets, space, over the wall, and The Shadows. The Shadows has a place called Barford North and this is where Mika lives. Mika lives in a fold down apartment. The author of The Roar is Emma Clayton. This book is third person point of view.


In The Roar Mika and Ellie are twins that are both mutants. There is a wall separating the people from the "animals with the plague." The wall is solid concrete, 50 feet tall, topped with high-voltage razor wire, and guarded by a battalion of borgs.

Or so he has been told.

Ellie was kidnapped a year ago and everyone thinks she is dead but Mika knows she is not. Mika is living a hard life already. He lives under the Golden Turrets, lives in mold and eats fats for food and is extremely poor. Not to mention no on living in London has seen real plants, grass, sky, sun, or trees, everything is fake. Mika enters a pod fighter simulator competition with the new girl Audrey who is also a mutant. They advance to the semi-final round and take a trip to the Golden Turrets with their family's then Mika gets suspicious. They advance once more and Mika won his family a apartment in the Golden Turrets and then goes to the final round of competition where the location is Mal Gorman's building. Ellie has known a secret her whole life and no one else knows.He soon finds out that Ellie is there and tries to save her and tries to cross the wall but what will happen.

He soon finds out the secret.

Plot Line

Exposition- the exposition of the story is when Mika and Ellie are separated. Ellie has to stay with the person that took her. Ellie tries to find Mika.

Rising Action- Mika drinks the fit mix and enters the competition.

Climax- makes it to the finals in the competition.

Falling Action- Mika goes to the location where all the finalists go to compete and can sense Ellie because they are twins.

Resolution- Mika finds Ellie and they see each other and Mika gets to bring her home for a little bit.

Story Elements

The protagonist of this story is Mika, Ellie, Mal Gorman, and the Fit Mix people. Towards the half way point of the book a girl named Audrey becomes a main character. The antagonist is also Mal Gorman. This books external conflicts include:

~man vs super natural

~man vs man

~man vs world