CB Baker's Book

'Becoming Messiah' now available on amazon.com

How to order your copy

Becoming Messiah is now available from amazon.com as an e-book. If you have a Kindle, you can purchase and download it quickly and easily from Amazon.com After you purchase the book from Amazon, you are prompted where to send the content.

If you use your computer, smartphone, or tablet, there is a free Kindle Reader app available. For only .99, you receive the text and newly created Questions for Study or Thought.

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A Word from CB

I wanted you to know that I have written a book titled Becoming Messiah. The book is a look at Jesus as a human being who grew, matured, changed and evolved from a normal Jewish boy into the Messiah. If you are a Christian who is weary of the Jesus portrayed in western culture, this may be for you. If you are a Christian satisfied with what you know about Jesus, maybe this will stretch your mind. If you are a Jewish friend, you might enjoy my take on life in first century Israel/Judah. Whatever the case, I hope you will give the book a try.