A wonderful place to live

Major Cities

Quebec City,

Jacques Cartier, founded Quebec City in 1535

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Natural Recsources

Minning :Gold, iron, copper, zine

Crops :Grain corn, soybeans, strawberries


Old Quebec,

looks over St .Lawrence River for over 100 years. Construction began in1892

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Major Landforms

Mount Royal,


-Quebec is a province in East Central Canada

-Quebec is the largest province by area

-It is the only province to officially have French as its official language

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Wonder Questions

1.How old is Quebec

Quebec was found on October 7 , 1763.

2.What is the population in Quebec

Quebec population is 8,215.

3.What does the Quebec flag look like

The Quebec flag is blue and white with four white fleur-de-lis in each corner.