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2019-20 Cheyenne Middle School Newsletter - First Day

First Day Reminders

Dear Cheyenne Families,

Here are a few things to help our new year start smoothly!

It is very important that all students bring their schedule with them on the first day. Our doors unlock at 7:15 A.M. This is when the duty teachers report for duty. The first bell rings at 7:40 A.M.

In the afternoon, we dismiss students at 2:40 P.M. All students need to be picked up by 3:00 P.M., unless they are attending an athletic practice or scheduled after-school meeting.

Starting Monday, August 19th, all students will gather in the gym each morning or report to the cafeteria for breakfast. Students will sit by grade and wait until dismissed.

We have attached FAQ, arrival and dismissal procedures. Please prepare yourself for longer lines in parent pick-up and drop-off the first day. Following the procedures attached will assist in an efficient flow of traffic. It is vital to remain off your cell phone when you enter the campus. Being aware of your surroundings is essential. We have many children being dropped off, walking, and riding bikes to and from school. Student's movement is very unpredictable, and we want to be sure everyone is practicing safety. Please be safe.

If you and your child were unable to attend schedule pick-up day we ask that you come by this week to pick-up their schedule. We want all enrollment verifications to be completed for students when they arrive on campus Thursday, August 16th. If we don't have all the necessary paperwork for your child to receive their schedule our office will be contacting parents ASAP the morning of the first day of school.

Middle School is a busy time, and we want you to stay informed about our school events and programs through our web page (, Facebook (@edmondcheyenne and @cheyennemiddleschoolpto), and athletics

Join the Stampede!

We are Cheyenne!

We are Mustangs!

Michelle Grinsteiner


Transitioning Summer Wardrobes

Summer and weekends provide the opportunity for students to be able to exercise their clothing choices. Many of you will be shopping for back-to-school clothes to add to your fashion wardrobe. In some families, like mine, we have to buy because our child has outgrown their clothes. All in all, it is important to remember the Edmond Public Schools has a dress code policy for students. We do our best to provide guidelines that specifically address school expectations and procedures for dress code. We want to allow for student expression and fashion trends but also want to teach appropriateness when choosing what to wear to school. There are appropriate unwritten and written rules in our jobs and society regarding adult attire for work, church, ceremonies, formal events, etc. In school, we want the communication surrounding dress attire to be as transparent as we can and represent appropriateness for school.

Here are some helpful guidelines for students and families:

Our goal is for students to remain in class. To best accomplish this goal, remember, the following about dress code:

Parents, please check to see what your student is wearing before they leave for school in the morning. Shorts and skirts should be no shorter than an unsharpened #2 pencil length from the top of the kneecap. No holes in jeans above the top of an unsharpened pencil. Razorback shirts, spaghetti straps, deep arm tank tops, or midriff shirts are not allowed at school. Also, please no track shorts unless being worn for a PE class(students are provided the opportunity to change accordingly). The track shorts rarely pass the pencil comparison test.

What happens if I get dress coded?

If a student does not meet the dress code, teachers and administrators will send students to the office where a quick-fix action may take place:

  • a parent called to bring a change of clothing
  • student wear clothing provided by the school
  • application of duct tape to apparel (holes)
However, in any case, where a student is not able to comply with the policy, the student will remain in AISP for the remainder of the day. Again, our goal is to minimize the time out of class while still adhering to the dress code and maintaining the dignity of our students. Sever offenses or violations will require AISP.

District Policy regarding Personal Devices

We expect personal devices to be off and out of sight for the duration of the school day. Chromebooks have eliminated the need for supplementing with personal devices. In remaining consistent with our middle school practice, devices will be allowed before the first school bell at 7:40 and after the last bell at 2:40. We recognize that personal devices are part of the everyday world that we live in as well as our future, and know the incredible capability that today’s technology brings to our life. For young adolescents, it also presents many challenges. Recent research is now showing that middle school-aged students are spending an average of 4.5 hours a day on their personal devices. That number increases to 8 hours a day by the high school years. As educators and parents we see how many of our kids are immersed on social media platforms, gaming, mass(sometimes hidden) communications and other varieties of content consumption. For a great many students this creates social-emotional and/or academic challenges during school, in addition to the challenges from an instructional point of view. We are seeking to increase classroom engagement and reduce outside distractions, and we appreciate your support in this transition. If you need to get an urgent message to your child, we will be happy to help in that communication from the office.

School Course and Schedules

We absolutely do our best to accommodate student and family requests, but we are operating within a tight schedule and student numbers in classes with little wiggle room.

Schedule and team changes are not options. We can attempt to address repeat courses(2 PE courses or 2 Spanish courses), required and/or qualifying courses, and missing courses. These adjustments need to be communicated to the appropriate grade level counselor


7th-grade, and


Counselors are also able to address particular course descriptions and qualifications.

It is vital for you to know we want to give everyone their dream schedule but it is an impossible task to fulfill all 900+ student/parent dreams and wishes for teachers, courses, and teams. Remember that we want class sizes that support student learning, and if schedules are changed, it causes an unfair advantage by adjusting class numbers and team numbers. (Note: We have an average of 306 kids per grade level which impacts class sizes between 30-35.)

I am sure there have been tears and angst amongst students at the unveiling of schedules. These feelings are perfectly normal, and students experience them each year at the beginning of school. When our children are in distress we want to fix it. I know this feeling well because I am a parent of two school-age students. My two children are anxious each school year wondering who they will know in class and who their teacher will be.

However, it is essential to know that we won't be able to accommodate changes. I wish we could. It is not in our nature as educators to make people unhappy. We want everyone to be happy. So, I ask you to please sit down with your child and help us soothe and assure them that it will be okay. We will take great care of your child as they navigate middle school life and preadolescence. But we can't do it alone; we need your help in this mission. Life is not always comfortable, and often things do not go as we want them. We know this as adults, but kids are still learning this. Thank you for partnering with us on this journey!

EPS Emergency Procedures

Please refer to our letter from Mr. Towne, our Superintendent of Schools, for information regarding school procedures during any potential emergencies.

From the PTO

Hello Parents,

The Cheyenne Middle School PTO would like to welcome your family to our wonderful school! The purpose of this letter is to introduce ourselves and to ask for your support so that we can con nue making resources and learning opportunies available to our students and Cheyenne staff. We promise that the me you give to the PTO and school will be worth your while…and fun!

We have a very ac ve PTO at Cheyenne. We are instrumental in funding con nuing teacher educa on, technology, STEM courses, building improvements, and teacher grants. We raise the majority of our funds through awesome fundraisers, like Stampede of Giving and Walk to Remember, and our Cheyenne Apparel sales. We are also very ac ve in student ac vi es such as: grade level Socials, test monitoring, Pizza Day and Family Fun Night.

The Cheyenne PTO meets the second Tuesday of each month, September through May, in the Annex room off the Media Center. Our first mee ng of the 2019-2020 school year will be Tuesday, September 10t h at 9:30 am. Our mee ng dates are posted on our school calendar and on our Cheyenne Middle School PTO Facebook page. If you have any ques ons or would like more informa on about how to get involved, please contact us via email, , Facebook or at a General mee ng. We would love to answer any ques ons and get to meet you! Also, please follow us on our new Instagram account, Cheyennemspto and join our Remind101 PTO group (direc ons below).

We want everyone to feel that they are part of the Mustang family. There are many

opportuni es to volunteer, even if you only have a few minutes or are not available during the day. This school year we are currently in need of Commi ee Chairs for our 6t h and 8t h Grade Socials and Walk to Remember. It is even fun to Co-Chair with a friend! We appreciate your me and your ideas and it ALL benefits our awesome Cheyenne Middle School.

Thank You!!

Rebecca Yacabucci and Donielle Larison

PTO Co-Presidents

Stay up to date on PTO:

- Facebook at Cheyenne Middle School PTO

- Instagram at Cheyennemspto

- Email us at Cheyennemspto@gmail.

Join our new Remind 101: text directions are below

- 6th Grade Parents: Join Cheyenne PTO-6th: Text "81010" with the message "@cheypto6th"

- 7th Grade Parents: Join Cheyenne PTO-7th: Text "81010" with the message "@cheypto7th"

- 8th Grade Parents: Join Cheyenne PTO-8th: Text "81010" with the message "@cheypto8th"

Parent Portal Infinite Campus

Grades, Attendance, Messaging, & OSTP Scores

Chromebook Information for Parents

Dear EPS Parents,

As part of our Digital Conversion initiative, all 6th-12th students will be receiving Chromebooks this year - computer laptops that run the Google Chrome Operating System. To help your secondary student get off to a smooth start with their Chromebook, please review the following information:

STPP - Student Technology Protection Plan

The Chromebook your student will receive has a rugged case to prevent accidental damage, but we strongly recommend that parents purchase the $25/year Student Technology Protection Plan (STPP). Parents will be financially responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged Chromebooks (and chargers and cases). You may pay for it online via our InTouch payment system.

Additional Information

Each student is required to watch the Annual Student Review, ASR. Your secondary student can access this video by logging into their Infinite Campus student portal and clicking on the URL. If your student does not remember their password, we will help on the first day of the Chromebook disbursement. Digital Conversion Page

Annual Student Review Required to Receive a Chromebook

Students are now required to view the Annual Student Review before school starts. To do this, log into your Infinite Campus Student Portal Account. This account uses your network login and password. Once in this account, click on the “Inbox “ in your IC Student Portal Account. You will have a message named Annual Student Review. Open this message and click on the URL included in this message to watch the Annual Student Review.

At the end of the video, a green button will appear at the bottom of the screen. You must agree to the terms and conditions via the green button at the bottom of the screen and confirm a second time that you agree. This button will only appear after you have played the entire video. Violations to these terms and conditions may result in loss of technology privileges and equipment.

6th Grade Portal Logins

Dear 6th-grade parents,

The viewing of the Annual Student Review in Infinite Campus is a new process for us this year. We apologize for the miscommunication and appreciate your patience with us during this process. Students now have Infinite Campus Student Portal Accounts that can be used to view the Annual Student Review. Please have your student go to the Infinite Campus Portal Login page on the district website and sign in using the login and password information listed below.

If your student has difficulty with the login information, your school will help your 6th grade student during the first week of school. During this time, the schools will have designated times to help with other programs used throughout their middle school and high school years. At Schedule Pickup Day there will be a station your student can visit to get help with their password as well.

Again, we apologize for this inconvenience and appreciate your patience with us during this process.

6th Grade Login


Current Schedules are available online.


Athletic participation forms must be completed before attending any practices.

A recent doctor's physical must also be completed and returned to Mr. DeForest, athletic director. The forms can be completed online. You will need your child's student ID number to complete an account and forms. The doctor's physical form can also be downloaded from the link.

Rank One Instructions

Athletic Newsletter

Cheyenne Calendar

Cheyenne MS Calendar of Events

Meal Pay Plus

Please take advantage of the options to prepay your student's meal accounts online.

In-Touch Online Pay

Payment system makes it easy to pay student activity fees, make donations and pay fines or fees online, view receipts.


Our bus routing website, Versa Trans is designed to help parents and students determine bus stop locations and stop times.

Canvas Parent Account

Use this link to get information on creating a parent account.

Demographic & Contact information on Parent Portal

Just a reminder....Any & All changes to your student's information need to made by the parent or guardian on the Parent Portal. This includes phone #'s, e-mail addresses, people that have permission to check your child out of school or call in case of an emergency, etc. The only change that cannot be made on the Parent Portal is a change in address. The new proof of residency must be brought to the school for an address change to be made.

Important: attendance, lunches, & messages

Attendance: Please call your child in absent prior to 10:00am. Leave a message with child's name, grade, and reason for absence. We have a new phone line to leave messages. Please leave a message and we will record the absence. This line is for attendance messages only and will automatically go to voicemail. Please only call once.

Attendance phone - 726-5751

Do not call or email the teachers and/or counselors. Parents must call the office to report absences.

You will be required to have your driver license to check your child out. Plan enough time for checkout.

Calls to check out a student prior to arriving at the school are not accepted.

Lunches: If delivering lunches please make sure you have conveyed it to your child in advance. We do not deliver lunches to classrooms. Students will pick up in the office when dismissed from class. Family members are not allowed to have lunch with their child in the cafeteria. If you would like to eat with your child, you are welcome to join them in the office.

Messages: Please make arrangements with your child for transportation or other such issues in the morning before school begins.

Cheyenne Middle School

Michelle Grinsteiner, Principal, 6th grade administrator

Michael DeForest, Assistant Principal & Athletic Director, 8th grade administrator

Link Lowe, Assistant Principal, 7th grade administrator

Melissa Krause, Counselor 7th

Kathy Parker, Counselor 8th

Michele Kingdom, Counselor 6th