The Loch-ness monster


She is 15 feet long.

Has 2 humps.

The humps look like overturned boats.

She has a long neack.

Skinny head.

Has 2 cone like ears.

Has a snake like body.


They found bones.

There are photos.

There are vidos of Her.

Where does she live?

Nessie lives in the loch-ness lake in scotland.

Nessie was first sighted on July 22 ent 1993


"The loch-Ness monster just doesn't exist! The loch ness is not big enough to hold a 30 foot monster for hundreds of years

If you find her!!!

Please call me at 999-999-9990


If you found Nessie you will get a reward of $400.00

BY: Olivia Bartol