WMS Extra-Curricular Activities

By: Rachel New


Sing for fun! Learn new songs! Sing better than ever!

In choir you get to go on trips; sometimes you can go during school. However, make sure to obey Mrs. Corcoran the first time or else! Get ready for All-Region, many concerts, and new friends. First you have to go to seventh grade choir obviously! If you are a girl, in eighth grade you move up to either eighth grade choir or advanced choir; then at the end of middle school you "graduate" to high school choir!

Dictionary Skills for UIL

With Mrs. Gale

If you want to learn how to use a dictionary, this UIL competition is made just for you! You get to hang out with friends at practices, meet Mrs. Gale (if you don't have her as a teacher), and go to Six Flags near the end of the year! There is only one bad thing: it takes work!